Recently I was asked if I wanted to guest posts and then continue to write for a fantastic website and magazine, Visit From The Stork CIC. It’s written by young parents, for young parents and I am so happy to be on board with this publication as it continues to grow. Here is my very first post written for them: Top 5 Tips For Dealing With A Fussy Eater.

Visit from the Stork

Visit from the Stork is the UK’s only publication for young parents and parents-to-be under 25, supported by advice and knowledge from experts who understand the needs of every young parent. – VFTS


When I was asked if I was interested in writing a guest post and then offered the opportunity to be a regular contributor to the magazine and website, I snapped up the opportunity. Being a young parent seems to automatically come with a stigma attached that I would love to break. When I was pregnant, at age 20, someone I worked with actually said (power phrasing and censoring):

Kids shouldn’t have kids.


who is he, a guy that honestly only knows one side of me, to judge me?


why should he care?


what puts him in the position to shame me for being pregnant?


Like I said, I was 20 years old when I found out I was pregnant with Luke. Is that too young to be pregnant? Is that too young for me to be a decent human being, to have morals and responsibilities? Is that too young for me to be a competent parent?

Let’s think about what responsibility and opportunities are available in the UK for twenty year olds:

Aged 20 you can:

  • Drink
  • Have sex
  • Get married
  • Join the army
  • Buy porn
  • Smoke
  • Drive

The average twenty year old would most likely either be in full time employment or at university (possibly living hours be hours away from home).

None of those things particularly scream “you’re still a kid” to me. So why is being a mother any different?

Visit From The Stork is written by people like me. People who are young parents or parents-to-be. There are experts, there are bloggers, there are journalists: but we all have one thing in common – we are proud to be fantastic young parents.

We believe that being a mum is something to celebrate, and it doesn’t matter who you are or what your age is. -VFTS

If you fancy learning a bit more about Visit From The Stork, visit their About page.

If you’re a young mum, or dad, celebrate who you are! Celebrate the life you made, celebrate the obstacles you’ve over come and celebrate the unconditional love you have in your heart.