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Hello my loves!

Today I want to talk to you about my favourite skin care brand, Simple, and their moisturising baby wipes.

I know a lot of parents out there buy a pack of baby wipes and pretty much stick to that brand until they’re no longer needed.

I also know a lot of parents go for the cheapest reputable brand there is and hope for the best.

I used to be the latter, which mainly meant I ended up with Huggies wipes. I’d get 64 wipes for 99p, cheap as chips, but man did we have some problems.

We got mystery nappy rash, the whole thing where you accidentally put your finger through the wipe (yeah, gross),the age old problem of trying to remove only one wipe for the packet, but ending up with four or five, and they always felt a little bit strange to hold. The more I think about it, the more I realise those wipes weren’t working for me and they definitely weren’t working for Luke.

So what’s the point on spending £0.99 on something that we don’t like using?

What I did instead, was spend £1.25 (a whole 26p more!) on the a pack of 64 Simple Baby Moisturising Wipes. Honestly, the 25p is worth it.

Simple’s slogan, “Smile, it’s simple – sensitive skin experts” says it all.

I use Simple Skin Care products all the time, and I honestly couldn’t live without them. I have used Simple’s skin care products for as long as I discovered how important looking after your skin is, and it dawned on me, if a brand that I trust so much and have a great personal experience with, is making moisturising baby wipes, why aren’t I using them?

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First up, packaging wise, it is what you’d expect from Simple. Their product colour scheme is this lovely fresh, ‘sunny spring day’ pastel green which suggests gentle skin care that leaves your skin feeling refreshed. Also, they’ve teamed up with Tiny Tatty Teddy, a really lovable shaggy little teddy bear that’s adorable and from the makers of the infamous Me To You bears.

What makes them so great?

The Simple Baby Moisturising Wipes contain no artificial perfumes, no artificial colours and no harsh chemicals. They are also hypo-allergenic, PH neutral and alcohol free – all the things you would expect from a wipe you’re going to use on your child’s skin (but not necessarily what you always receive).

Simple Baby Moisturising Wipes contain chamomile oil which is basically the best thing ever for skin. Remember I said that Luke kept getting mystery nappy rash? Chamomile oil is great at easing skin rashes, as well as eczema (and for mumma’s, it’s also great for scarring and acne) as well as being a great natural moisturiser. Nappy rash, no more!

If you’re anything like me, baby wipes get used for a whole host of things, as well as baby bums! I wipe Luke’s face and hands and sometimes, if he’s spilt bits of sauce or similar on his bare legs, I’ll mop that up with a baby wipe too. It’s comforting to know that I won’t be making his dry skin more of a problem by doing that with these wipes.

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Suitable For Newborn Babies

The Simple Baby Moisturising Wipes also advertise that they are ‘suitable for newborn babies’. As I cannot comment on that (due to not having a newborn!) I will say that this is ultimately your choice as a parent as to whether you trust this statement. I can’t fault Simple in any way, but personally, if I had a newborn I would stick to cotton wool and cooled down boiled water.

The Verdict:

I am 100% in love with the Simple Baby wipes and I will be buying them from now on. They’re free for all the rubbish other brands sometimes aren’t, they’re moist enough to deal with even the most stubborn of baby poops (but not moist enough to leave super wet skin!), they’re gentle to use on the face, hands, and body as well as baby bums and they contain chamomile oil, which is so great for your skin.

Since using these, we have had no nappy rash at all.

If your baby/toddler has dry skin or is prone to a bit of nappy rash, I would highly recommend the Simple Moisturising Baby wipes because they are fantastic. It’s so worth spending that tiny bit of extra money and seeing the results for yourself.

My love affair with Simple Skin Care continues! Thank you for not letting me down!


One thing that I really need to mention and is another great reason why I love Simple is this:

Simple skincare contains no animal derived ingredients and they do not test their products on animals.

The Simple Baby Moisturising Wipes were bought with my own money and I loved them so much, I had to write a review!