A beginners guide to making money with swagbucks at http://lukeosaurusandme.co.
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Why I LOVE Swagbucks: A Beginner’s Guide To Making Money With Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a cashback site that I discovered earlier this year. Since joining up, I have made a bomb in both Amazon vouchers and PayPal cash, as well as a few high street vouchers to boot. I shared a few of my cash outs pictures on Instagram and a huge amount of people got in touch wanting to find out how they could do it too.

Put simply, Swagbucks is a cashback site. But it is also so much more! You get rewarded with gift cards for your favourite shops for doing what you already do every day on the web.

It’s also a bit of a tricky one to figure out at first! So I have put together this simple beginner’s guide on how to use it. Believe me, you do get used to it and it does get easier once you’ve learned the ropes a bit. Once you’ve got a bit more experience and confidence, you’ll find there’s so much more to do and so many ways to make money using Swagbucks. But for now, here is an easy to understand guide to get you started.

A beginners guide to making money with swagbucks at http://lukeosaurusandme.co.

Why Use Cashback and Survey Sites?

I’ve written previously about how amazing and invaluable using cashback and survey sites can be. Using Swagbucks, as well as other earning sites such as Mintvine, Prolific and InstaGC will help you build up a rainy day/emergency bill fund. Having a little extra cash floating around can take a huge amount of strain off a family; having found myself a few times this year facing unexpected bills, I can’t recommend this enough!

I’m not sponsored by these sites. I’m not being paid to write about or link to them. I’m writing about them because I want to help you make some extra money.

Sign Up To Swagbucks

First up, you need to sign up to Swagbucks. Clicking the banner below will take you there through my referral link. Don’t worry about any codes etc, just sign up with valid details and check your inbox for the confirmation.
Join Swagbucks!
You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What’s Online at Swagbucks.com

Swagbucks Surveys

The easiest way to make money using Swagbucks is to participate in market research surveys. As with most surveys of this nature, there is the chance of disqualification. If you get disqualified, it just means that you do not meet the demographics criteria the company is after. Don’t worry – you haven’t done it wrong! Keep trying, you’ll get through them eventually and they normally give you a nice amount of SB upon completion. Some even give you a point if you get disqualified.

What are Swagbucks and how do I turn them into gift cards?

You need to build up your Swagbucks (SB) until you have enough to redeem your gift card. I usually opt for Amazon (700SB) and PayPal (800SB), but there is a pretty good choice, including Argos, Steam, M&S, Mastercard and New Look to name a few.

  • TIP: Cashing your Swagbucks out into Amazon vouchers enables you to add them to your Amazon account directly, so you will always have a gift card balance! Amazon gift cards also don’t expire for 10 years.

You’ve done a survey. What next?

Swagbucks has lots to offer. For an easy 2 SB a day, navigate (on the left hand side) to the Daily Poll and the Deal Of The Day. Just clicking on the deal of the day and letting the page load will earn you a point; selecting a option on the poll will also get you a point. 2 SB isn’t much, but make sure you do it daily.


That one thing we do every day is search the web. SB will randomly be awarded when using the Swagbucks search engine. Anything you’d usually type into Google, type in here and you have the chance to win a random amount of SB per search win. Don’t waste your time spamming up the search box, especially if you’ve recently won.

Discover Offers

Discovery offers are another great way to build up SB. These offers usually give you a pretty decent amount of SB for your time and many of them are free. Have a look around and see what’s available.

There are plenty of high paying gambling sites at the moment which dish out 2,000+ SB upon registration. That’s just under £15 in Amazon vouchers. £15 for free! Just for joining up and maybe placing a bet (think 5 x 20p bets or matched betting). You don’t have to gamble though – just register, do not accept the welcome offer (if you want to be able to get your deposit back), make sure you’ve fulfilled the requirements of the offer and you’re sorted!


Let’s not forget cashback. I always order my takeaway through Swagbucks. It’s habit! And it’s pretty nice to get that money back, even if it’s only a little. It all adds up. There are loads of shops listed on Swagbucks so it’s worth having a search on the site before making any purchases.


Loads of survey sites offer you the chance to watch videos and earn points towards giftcards; Swagbucks is no different. You can watch videos on Swagbucks in the ‘watch’ section on the left. You can also install the tool bar for Chrome and run the videos from there and there are also video apps available for download.

Extra Advice

When I first signed up to these sites, I had no idea what I was doing. They are all pretty daunting at first. However, I came across a really helpful Facebook Group full of member’s sharing advice, great discovery offers that don’t cost you a penny, a few tricks of the trade and, most importantly, friendly advice. I don’t own the group and I’m not an admin either, it’s just a blooming good group! Find it here: UK Swagbucks Facebook Group. As well as joining the Facebook group, feel free to tweet me if you have any questions!

A beginners guide to making money with swagbucks at http://lukeosaurusandme.co.

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