How Specscart’s 7 Days Free Home Trial Revolutionised the Eyewear Industry?

Since day one Specscart is achieving an astonishing response for its unique perspective towards the eyewear industry. It all started when the founder Sid Sethi was studying at the University of Manchester and broke his only pair of glasses before his semester exams. The eyewear industry had many limitations back then including bad user experience, long lead times, and lack of quality glasses on a budget. The eyewear stores seemed like hospitals, where glasses were locked in mirror boxes. Not only that, even a decent pair of glasses costs upwards of £150.

Despite accepting all of the conditions, he received his glasses 3 days after his exams. He thought that no one could ever buy a pair of glasses for fashion with these fundamental challenges in the industry. This is where the entrepreneur inside Siddharth was born, and he introduced “Specscart” to the world. Specscart was born with the mission to change the way people perceive eyeglasses from being a sight correction instrument to a sustainably made fast fashion accessory. Specscart did that by improving 3-things: prices, customer experience and turnaround time.

What is Specscart’s 7-day free home trial service? 

Specscart understands that you can’t select a fashion accessory before trying it. So, they bring a 7-day free home trial service. The service enables you to order 4 pairs of frames along with 3 types of lenses, to select the most suitable one for you. You may now click selfies with your frame and select the one that you can adjust with for a long time. You can also take suggestions from your friends and family before making a final decision. 

How 7-day free home trial help customers?

Customer-Centric Approach: 

Choosing a perfect pair of glasses can be a tough choice to make. Specscart understands that the confusion is real! And it’s okay to be selective. To resolve the problem, Spe thought of an idea to provide a 7-day free home trial service to all its customers. All customers have to do is scroll the website, add any 4 of their favourite frames to the box from thousands of available options and the team gets it delivered to them at the earliest. This helps customers to check which frames blend well with their facial features. 

Easy returns: 

Once the customer has selected the perfect frame for themselves, they can now return it to us with a prepaid label. The prepaid label will be sent to them along with the trial box. Specscart keeps it simple, for hassle free-returns. 

Select the perfect pair of lenses for themselves

Inside their 7-day free home trial kit, they provide three types of different lenses along with a laser light. Customers get Transition (light-adaptive) lenses and blue light lenses along with clear lenses. 

Value addition 

When a friend compliments any accessory or an outfit, its value jumps up. Similar is the case with glasses. Customers can wear these glasses on any occasion they want and take compliments from their near and dear ones. This boosts their confidence in the terms of glasses selection and adds more worth to their choice. 

How is a 7-day free home trial making a difference? 

A 7-day free home trial is revolutionising the eyewear industry. From days when people couldn’t touch glasses without permission can now order four pairs of frames and select the one that blends well with their facial features. Specscart just didn’t figure out the problem but they also made a customer-centric approach. This helped customers to change the way they perceive glasses. Specscart wanted people to perceive eyeglasses not just as a medical necessity but also as a fashion accessory. And that’s what the tagline says “A Frame for every Game”. Why wear the same glasses everywhere when you won’t wear the same pair of shoes everywhere? With quality eyeglasses at such an affordable price, you can now have the glasses of your choice for every occasion.

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.

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