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Cornish Holiday: Family Packing Essentials

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The glorious spring weather we’ve got at the moment has made me start thinking about the bits and bobs we’ll need to pack for Cornish getaway in the summer. We’re heading to Mullion for 7 nights which means savvy packing is essential. There’s plenty of things we can pick up once we get there, but we’ll also have to make sure we pack all the essentials for 3 people plus a baby – somehow fitting it all in a Mazda 6.

We’re staying in a holiday cottage which means we’ll have access to a fully kitted out kitchen. Thankfully, that means we’ll save money on food and it won’t take up any room in the car. It also means we can just bang in a Click and Collect order the night before and pick up a weekly food shop on the way down. If you’re planning a trip to Cornwall during the summer, here’s my list of packing essentials for the whole family.


You can’t go to Cornwall during the summer time without taking a dip in those stunning Cornish seas. We’re heading down to Kynance Cove, famous for its crystal clear water and white sands, but there are also plenty of other beaches we’re planning to visit too! That means having a good collection of swimwear is essential. I’ve sorted myself out with some of the most beautiful and high quality swimwear I’ve come across thanks to UK Swimwear. They very kindly sent me a swimsuit and cover up to help tide (get it?) me through the summer holidays.

My UK Swimwear swimsuit is packed for our family summer holiday. Read more at

For taking a dip

I chose the Moontide Twist Swimsuit in black as it has some great features. I love the black is slimming, as being a mum of two means I do worry about my wobbly bits! I love the twist detailing at the top of the swimsuit and the ruffled, gathered front – again, this is very slimming. I really prefer high backed swimsuits and non-wired cups as I find these are the most comfortable swimming suits to wear, especially if you’re running around after kids all day. The Moontide Twist Swimsuit also features adjustable multiway straps, so you can wear them however you fancy!

My UK Swimwear swimsuit is packed for our family summer holiday. Read more at

For covering up

Along with the swimsuit, I was sent the Pia Rossini Julz Sequin Poncho to throw over myself when I’m not in the water. If you know me, I love anything sequined, so this poncho grabbed my eye straight away. It’s semi opaque, has open sides and a deep v-neck which makes it perfect to pack in the beach bag and throw on over the top of swimwear when you’re looking for some protection from the sun. If you’re heading on holiday this summer, I really recommend UK Swimwear as they have a huge collection of swimwear for all budgets and a pretty good collection of sizes are also available!

My UK Swimwear swimsuit is packed for our family summer holiday. Read more at

Sun cream

Talking of protection from the sun, sun cream is perhaps the most important thing to pack when heading on holiday during the summer! I used to live in Cornwall so I know that it’s not always the sunniest of places, despite what you may think from your Instagram feed. Nevertheless, I know that you can still get sun burnt from a walk on the beach even if it is overcast. We always take sun cream with us everywhere we go. In my opinion, it’s important that you’re aware of the damage that not wearing sun cream can cause and it’s even more important that you teach your children about these dangers too. It might be a pain to keep applying, but it’s well worth it. If you’re wondering what makes a ‘good’ sun cream, check out this handy post written by the American Cancer Society.

Sun hats

Wearing a sun hat is another way to keep those harmful rays off your skin. There are loads of summer hats available for kids which are really cool. My boy loves wearing Pokemon Snapbacks, however it’s important to make sure the back of the neck is smothered in sun cream. I have a big floppy hat that keeps the sun off my face and neck, although when it’s windy, it does tend to fly off. Mikey has a Trilby style hat that stays in place and covers his face and the back of his neck, so that’s another great choice. Obviously, I’m taking no chances with Oscar and will be getting him a sun hat that covers everything!

Sunglasses - Cornish Holiday: Family Packing Essentials at


Sometimes in summer you can’t see anything at all without sunglasses on in the summer! Don’t forget to kit the kids out with sunglasses as well as the adults. There are loads of cool character sunglasses available for kids, which I have found definitely encourages Luke to wear them more. He loves his Spiderman sunglasses!


If you’re the owner of a DSLR camera, whatever you do, don’t leave it at home! Cornwall is an area of outstanding natural beauty and you’ll kick yourself if you don’t get a few holiday snaps along the way! From crystal clear seas, idyllic villages, colourful harbours, mountains of freshly baked artisan goods to the greenest countryside scenes you’ll ever see, Cornwall has it all. I can’t wait to get some amazing holiday snaps of my boys and also have a go at playing around with some new camera settings in a different environment!

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new camera, I highly recommend using Wex Photographic. You may find cameras cheaper elsewhere, but in most cases these are not UK based companies and warranties can be very dodgy. Also, in case of repairs, you’ll need to ship your camera to China in most cases, whereas Wex have great UK based customer services. (Not sponsored, just a recommendation!)

Wellies and comfy shoes

Lots of the beaches in Cornwall require you to walk down uneven trails and climb over boulders to gain access to the sand. For that reason, making sure you’ve got good trainers or wellies is essential! Obviously, bring your flip flops with you in your beach bag (I like these ones!) if you like, but you won’t want to be climbing over massie rocks in your flip flops – trust me!

Warm clothes

As I mentioned earlier, sometimes, even in summer, Cornwall can be a grey place! It’s a good idea to pack some nice warm clothes, especially if you’re planning on making the most of your days and visiting lots of beaches. It’s often quite windy on the beach fronts and you can get chilly very quickly. Also, we are planning to have BBQ’s outside our cottage in the evenings, and we all know that summer evenings can be cold. Don’t forget thick socks!

Waterproof coats

Maybe this is the ‘mum’ in me, but I’d never go on holiday without either a waterproof coat or a nice big thick coat. For the kids, I’ll be packing hoodies and waterproof coats, but for us adults I will be packing both waterproof and normal coats. You can never be too careful!

I think that about sums up the essentials for any family trip to Cornwall. Obviously, you’ll want to pack clothes, tooth brush, toiletries, towels and everything else but, in my opinion, these are the things you definitely need to make sure you pack!

Cornish Holiday: Family Packing Essentials at

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