My dream house wish list, including a fancy new tv, Panasonic food blender, a pressure cooker and more at
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Dream House Wish List

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As the years tick by, Mikey and I find ourselves thinking more and more about getting onto the property ladder and buying a house. We’ve exhausted the subject of mortgages, loans, being self employment verses having a full time job and balancing two young children. Now, thankfully, our conversations have turned to the far less stressful topic of how we’d choose decorate and what gadgets we’d buy to make our house a home.

Kitchen Gadgets

Food Blender

We have spent a lot of time lusting after kitchen gadgets for our house. Mikey is the main cook in our home. Luke says that Mikey’s the chef and I’m the baker. He’s not wrong! One thing that would make both of our lives much easier would be a Panasonic food blender. I used to work in a pub kitchen and I know just how often the food blender there got used. They can save you so much time and energy by performing a huge variety of tasks. Personally, my favourite thing about food blenders is the trusty cheese grater blade. No more grated fingers!

Pressure Cooker

The other item for our kitchen that we’d both like is a pressure cooker. Mikey, being the pro chef that he is, comes home from work around 7 and then disappears into the kitchen for an hour to make and prepare our meal. With a pressure cooker, he’d be able to whack everything in and, with a press of a button, start cooking our food without having to stand over it. That means that we get more time with Daddy!

Feta, Spinach and Sweet Potato vegetarian pie from

Garden Life

Hot Tub

Currently we live in a 3rd floor flat. There is a little bit of grass outside, but it’s definitely not the same as having your own space to play with when you own a house. Do you remember all those 90’s films where teenagers were always throwing pool parties? Well, we obviously can’t get our own pool, but we have definitely pondered the possibility of getting a hot tub. Imagine walking out into your garden with a nice glass of wine and jumping into your fabulous hot tub. Living. The. Dream.

Flowers, Herbs and Vegetables

I grew up in Cornwall and if you’ve ever been there, you’ll notice that the Cornish love a good hanging basket. Everywhere you go, front gardens are full of beautiful blooms and bright flowers frame front doors. It’s a given that our garden will be teaming with bee friendly flowers, as well as herbs and our very own veggies.

Living Room


Our TV is on the way out, so obviously we’d need a new one. I’m really lucky with the TV I currently have – I managed to get a 50” plasma TV for £100 because someone had bought a new one and just wanted to get rid of their old one quickly. However, because it’s plasma and pre-owned, it’s starting to die and images have begun to burn themselves into the screen. This is especially annoying if you’ve had someone playing XBOX or PlaySation and then you try and watch normal TV afterwards. That health bar is etched into the bottom of the screen for at least half an hour! A fancy new TV is definitely not a necessity, but it would make a wonderful treat for our dream house.

My dream house wish list, including a fancy new tv, Panasonic food blender, a pressure cooker and more at

It’s a strange collection of goodies that we’d like, but when you’ve already got most of the essentials you’re left lusting after a few treats. The kitchen gadgets would enable us to spend way more time together as a family and be able to enjoy our new house, while the hot tub is just pure gluttony. If you had some spare cash saved up and could buy one item for your house, what would it be? I’d love to find out what other people would treat themselves with. Let me know in the comments!

My dream house wish list, including a fancy new tv, Panasonic food blender, a pressure cooker and more at

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.


  • Nikki

    Pressure cooker – oh yeah! I got an all-in-1 pressure cooker and slow cooker and it does an awesome job! Plus I can get it ready and just press the button and by dinner everything is cooked. Definitely my favourite house purchase!

  • Jenny

    Food blenders make life so much easier. I use mine all the time to make soups, pizza scrolls – it’s an easy way to help hide the healthy food from the kids! But don’t tell them that!

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