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Easily Missed Wedding Photos and How To Make Sure You Get Them

“Wedding day comes and goes quickly; what stays are the photographs of your special day.”

The day you’ll get married to the love of your life is going to be full of excitement and chaos. No matter how long you have been planning, you probably won’t even get a second to check or pay attention to all the details on the big day. 

Thankfully, photographers can help you remember every moment. From your wedding dress to the vows, every single picture will narrate the story of your big day. 

However, as many things are happening simultaneously on the wedding day, there is a possibility that the photographer misses a few moments. To avoid such a scenario, you should create a list of moments you want them to capture, no matter what. 

So, scroll down to find out what these easily missed out wedding photos could be and have your photographer prepare to click them.

Groom Getting Ready 

You can find countless pictures of the bride getting ready. But, what about the groom? It’s a special day for both. So, you must tell your photographer to capture the groom’s preparation. It might be as simple as wearing a tie. Even so, this little detail is remarkable and must be photographed. 

Personal Mementos 

Is the bride wearing her mother’s pendant? Are the grandparents shedding tears during vows? Purple orchids for the wedding bouquet? All these details are what make your wedding YOURS. These are very personal details and moments. Needless to say, you must get them. 

In fact, if you are preparing anything special for your partner, you should include the photographer and their team in the planning process. This way, they will make sure to capture every single detail. 

The Reaction 

As soon as the bride enters the hall, she steals the attention of every person present in the aisle. And that very moment, when everyone is stunned with the bride’s beauty, is generally missed. In fact, sometimes, the groom’s reaction standing at the end of the aisle is also missed. That’s why the Seattle wedding photographers suggest you have such candid pictures in the album. All these are pure and blissful emotions. So, you have to have them. 

Fun Features

People often forget about the extra elements such as the music band, games area for kids, or special food. All these things ensure that your guests stay entertained while they wait for you. Moreover, as you will be preparing for the wedding, you’ll probably miss out on all the fun people have outside. But, if you get them clicked, you’ll be able to remember all these minor elements that made your big day unforgettable to others. 

How To Get These Photos? 

As mentioned above, you need to create a list of moments that you want to be photographed. After that, you should schedule a meeting with the photographer, and explain to them all your requirements. It will ensure that no moment of your big day is left uncaptured. 

Also, if they are giving you any suggestions, you should take them into consideration. As they are professionals, they’ll know all the technicalities. It’ll make it easier for both the parties to work together. 

The takeaway:

Photographers understand how special your wedding is. Therefore, you just need to talk with them about your necessities. They’ll handle the rest!

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.

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