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How can I get my artificial grass standing straight again?

Recently, many people were talking about artificial grass or artificial turf. And because it is trending nowadays, many people were looking at it. Maybe the reason that they wanted to have it is that they can see that having artificial grass can give people a landscape look of green grass without the maintenance.

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What should I do to make my artificial grass standing straight again?

However, you can say that your artificial grass is lesser quality or high quality because it has a difference in resilience. After a fast use, the grass that has good quality will completely and naturally recover, for example when you have a swimming pool that is placed in your yard. But on the other hand, the lesser quality of grass will stay flat no matter how hard you try to do it.


Will still have a chance to make my artificial grass standing straight again?

Definitely yes, it still has a chance. The grass fibers will lie flat when you going to place a huge weight on your garden for some time. And you can brush the turf with a regular broom so you can mend the problem.

Even though there was a time that the fibers will be flat, it will still stand and presented themselves beautifully. By this, your artificial turf will become brand-new again.

What should I do when I have a pool in my yard during the summer?

For the quality grass, this will not be a problem. But you should always remember that the artificial grass will have a hard time to retrieve to its original looks when the pool was on your artificial yard. It is highly suggested to brush the turf a second or third time in this type of scenarios.


And we should keep in mind that the size of the pool is also important. Your artificial yard will not be affected that much if you have a kid’s small inflatable pool.

If you were using an artificial turf while there is a huge weight on it for many years, the flexibility and durability of the turf will be affected so much. And it will become harder and complicated when the fibers will be standing straight again.

Will it be a huge problem to place a pool on my artificial yard?

Keep in mind that not at all times you can put a pool on your artificial yard.

When the huge weight will be lifted or removed, the fibers of the lesser quality grass will become and remain flat.


Meanwhile, you can just brush the fibers to make them stand straight again if you were using high-quality grass. Keep in mind that there is also a restriction on this too. It will still have a big impact that can occur because of the intensive use even if you used high-quality grass.

We should still need to remember that we needed to take care of artificial turf even though it is artificial because just like any other things, it is also has a limitation and can still be damaged.

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