How To Get Organised In January

January is a time of new beginnings, and it makes sense that as the new year rolls around, you will want to get more organized and plan the next twelve months as best you can. There will always be surprises and events that don’t fit your plans, but if you are otherwise organized, you can keep mainly on track and still get everything done that you planned for 2022. By the time we reach this time next year, you will be able to look back with a sense of achievement and pride, and you’ll be confident in planning next year too. Here are some things you might want to look at in order to be as organized as possible next month. 

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Update Your Address Book 

If you don’t get a new address book for Christmas, take advantage of the sale prices in most stores and buy one for yourself; it will be extremely useful in getting yourself organized. You will have spent some time writing your Christmas cards recently, and if you are constantly scribbling addresses – and maybe even names – out of your address book so that it’s becoming messy, or if you received a card from someone with a new address written inside, it’s time to update everything. 

Spend an hour or so neatly copying the new details into a new address book and making sure that it is up to date, and the next time you need these details, you can be sure that they are the right ones. 

Clear Out The Paperwork 

Paperwork such as bills, receipts, and important documents have a way of piling up around the home, and although you might not notice the mess any longer, those piles are only going to get bigger. 

January is the perfect time to have a good clear-out and sort through all of those papers. Some will go straight in the trash, and others can be filed in the right place, where you can easily find it if and when you need it. Once you have sorted through and cleared away the paperwork, make it a new year’s resolution to keep all future receipts and contracts in their rightful place; it will help you no end. 

Contact The Experts 

December is a time when a lot of people put off important jobs because Christmas is looming, and everyone is stretched, stressed, and busy. December is often referred to as a ‘short month’ because, even though it has 31 days, any of those days are taken up with Christmas, meaning that offices, workplaces, and even self-employed tradespeople, aren’t working. 

Jobs that need to be done around the home are left undone. 

Once you get to January, make it a point to contact all the professionals and experts that you need to fix your home and, if necessary, your life. Now is the ideal time to contact plumbers, electricians, find someone to discuss self employed mortgages with, counsellors, home renovators, and anyone else who you might need to fix a problem or solve an issue. 

Get this work done, or at least booked, in January, and you won’t have the task hanging over your head way into 2022. 

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.

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