Indoor Easter Activities For Toddlers from
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Indoor Easter Activities For Toddlers

Easter Activities For Toddlers from

As you may be aware, Luke spends weekends with his dad, so I don’t really see him from Friday night, until Sunday night. That means that I will miss out on the Easter weekend with him.

We decided to have a very Easter themed week instead , just to make up for it (any excuse though, right?) Here’s what we got up to!

I decided to compile a list of indoor Easter activities for toddlers that are really easy to do with your little ones over the Easter weekend, should you wish to! Enjoy!

Mess Free Easter Egg Cards

I love the “mess free” way of painting. If you haven’t done it before, you just pop some paper with a few splodges of paint on them into a freezer bag/zip lock and seal the top. Add some extra tape across the top for extra protection (you can even use plastic wallets for some A4 sized painting).

 Mess Free Painting from

We have small freezer bags so I cut a piece of coloured construction paper in half and popped it in. Once it had dried, I drew my best Easter egg on the back and cut it out, sticking it to a piece of white card. You could jazz it up by using some Easter themed stickers or glitter etc, but we didn’t have anything more exciting to hand, hence my terrible scribbly handwriting. I am sure my more creative readers could really make something wonderful out of this!

Easter Activities For Toddlers. Easter Egg Card from

Easter Frozen Yoghurt Drops

Easter Activities For Toddlers. Frozen Easter Yoghurt Drops from

Oh these are so much fun and make a good change from all the chocolate. Plus, with Luke being 19 months old, I am really trying to limit the choccy intake (also we’re trying to battle his fussy eating – I don’t want him to fill up on junk!). They’re so cute and uber tasty – see the recipe for Frozen Easter Yoghurt Drops.

Foam Sticker Eggs

Luke made these completely 100% by himself, bar the cutting part. I just shoved some Pritt Stick (not a Prick Stick, as my sister calls it!) on some paper and he absolutely loved sticking down these great foam shapes.

Easter Activities For Toddlers. Foam Sticker Easter Egg Cards from

I was surprised he enjoyed this so much and I was really surprised he didn’t stick them down and then try to pull them all back off again – that’s what he usually does with his stickers, you see! But this was marvelous, so we made two little creations. Again, my scribbly handwriting ruined it! 

Easter Activities For Toddlers. Foam Shape Easter Egg Card from

The Great Easter Egg Scramble

Easter Activities For Toddlers. Easter Books - The Great Easter Egg Scramble from

We have been reading this Easter themed book at both nap time and bed times – Luke really seems to enjoy it and the cover is so sparkly. Want to read our review of this book? Head here: The Great Easter Egg Scramble – Book Review

Footprint Easter Card

Easter Activities For Toddlers. Toddlers Footprint Easter Chick Card from

Nothing is cuter than your little persons feet. Seriously. That’s why footprint cards (for any occasion) are the best – especially for the Grandparents. Super easy and super simple: yellow paint, tickly feet, paper. Done!

Masking Tape Easter Eggs & Cross

We were also going to make Masking Tape Easter Eggs and a Cross, but Luke went to spend the Easter weekend with his dad a day early, so we didn’t quite get round to it. However, if you want to give it a go all you need to do is:

Easter Egg

  1.  Cut out an Easter Egg shape from some paper or card.
  2. Stick some masking tape across the paper/card to create some funky patterns. (You could try placing it diagonally, making zig-zags or adding little dots).
  3. Let your little one loose with some paint. Paint all over the egg.
  4. Wait until all the paint is dry.
  5. Peel off the masking tape and – voilla!


  1. Grab some card or paper of choice.
  2. Stick some masking tape in the shape of a cross onto the paper/card.
  3. Paint over the whole page.
  4. Wait until all the paint has completely dried
  5. Carefully peel off the masking tape!
I really hope you enjoyed this post, we have loads of fun making all this stuff during the week and I had a lot of fun going through the photos again. Hopefully this may give a few of you some extra ideas for the Easter weekend – if you decide to do anything we mentioned today, please let me know in the comments! 

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.


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