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The Great Easter Egg Scramble Review

The Great Easter Egg Scramble Review. Easter Books from


The Great Easter Egg Scramble is a charming book to look at and any mother (or child) could see why we picked it up in the shop.

The Great Easter Egg Scramble Review. Easter Books from

The Great Easter Egg Scramble is about the Easter Bunny, who is rushing to deliver all the eggs in his basket before his party starts. The eggs contain baby animals and the bunny is meant to deliver the baby animal’s eggs to their parents. In haste, the Easter Bunny muddle all the eggs up and his deliveries all go drastically wrong – all the animals end up with the wrong baby animals. Eventually all is put right and then Easter bunny has his party. 

The Great Easter Egg Scramble Review. Easter Books from

Luke is 19 months old and loves this book. We have been reading it both at nap times and bed times for the past week. The front cover is glittery and bright – very appealing to little minds and the illustrations are charming. The pictures are colourful and engaging, which is kind of essential for toddlers. Luke loves flicking through the pages and we name all the animals and make the appropriate sounds. The book is easy to follow with some lovely rhymes.

The Great Easter Egg Scramble Review. Easter Books. Inside sleeve from

For a 19 month old toddler, it’s great.

The Great Easter Egg Scramble Review. Easter Books. Cute illustrations from

However, I am in two minds about how this book would go down with older children.

I have heard that parents have voiced their concerns over the book because the eggs aren’t chocolate, but are of course baby animals. This bit, I think is fine. But I think parents are concerned about the baby animals being delivered to the wrong parents, clearly ignoring the rules of the food chain.

The Great Easter Egg Scramble Review. Easter Books. Cute illustrations from
It could be slightly disturbing to some children, however, I feel that it could also be used as an educational tool – and to be honest, that was probably the writers intention. 
Sometimes, us mums just get a bit too over protective of our kids. I highly doubt that baby animals being delivered to the wrong parents is going to prove to be “disturbing” for your child. You should just use this book as a tool to enforce knowledge of the food chain. Do crocodiles make baby ducks? No?! They make baby crocodiles!

To Summarise 
Luke loves this book, it seems totally perfect for children of his age. It’s very appealing to look at and fun to read. He has chosen it every night so far.

As for older children, that choice is left to their parents. Personally, it wouldn’t bother me unless my son said so or he just wasn’t interested in it!

Rating: 4 out of 5

Have you read this book with you little ones? If so, what did you think of it? Leave and comment and let me know! 

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  • Al Ferguson

    This looks like a nice book. I’m just off to read Ted his bedtime story now. Ill try and find a easter one 🙂 Thanks for sharing it and linking up #bigfatlinky


    I’ve not read this, though it looks really fun, I don’t think I would read it the way you’ve reported other parents had. How strange! I’d use it just as you’d suggested – do crocodiles have baby chicks? No!
    People are strange 🙂 Found you through #weekendbookclub

    • Rachael Robinson

      People are! I read some reviews on Amazon our of morbid curiosity after I posted this – some people really are strange. I don’t think it’s at all disturbing, I think it’s a story that your child can easily read along with you and understand the humour in it and that the Easter Bunny has made a mistake! Thanks so much for reading. xx

  • Jeff Page

    I’m getting serious about rebuilding our toddler library (with the addition of Hectic Grandson to our brood), and this looks like a great book. Thanks for taking the time to write the review and include photographs. It really gives a great feel for what the book is like!

    So glad that I ran across you on the #weekendbookclub

    Make it a great day!

  • Sarah Doyle

    this looks fab – I was looking for easter books for D&E so with I had seen this!
    sorry for not stopping by sooner – Easter medded up my routine! Hope to see you link to #weekendbookclub this weekend too xx

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