I’ve been pretty absent from the blog scene lately and almost all social media except for my personal facebook account. This is because I’ve had a lot going on in my personal life and I’ve had to spend time adjusting to a whole bunch of new challenges and situations.


Some may remember that last year, I got engaged. Unfortunately, over the past fair few months, that relationship has started to fall apart and we ended up going our seperate ways. So recenetly, I’ve just been focusing my attention on this whole single mum malarkey, trying to guide Luke through any emotional problems he might be facing – like missing his step dad – and trying to plan my days around making sure everything I need to do gets done in the day. Hence why, unfortunately, blogging has taken a little bit of a back seat losartan 25 mg.

But now things are starting to look up a bit – I’ve had a fairly decent stretch of time now to sort things out and I’m starting to balance and manage things a little better. That means more time for blogging – yay!

I remember the whole reason I started blogging was to have a little break away from real life and express my opinions and talk about what I’ve been up to in life, without the heavy weight of the world judging me sitting on my shoulders. I’m hoping that, once again, blogging can be my little escape and a place for me to be me again!

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Find Me: Twitter. Facebook. BlogLovin’. Instagram. YouTube.