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The best handmade eco friendly souvenirs to bring back from your trip

Travel is a unique experience that we have the opportunity to share with our loved ones. In this need of ours to preserve these memories, we are led to the souvenir market by the places we visit as travelers. So souvenirs are the items that will always remind us of that place we visited and gave us all those incredible travel moments. It is unbelievable that a small souvenir can awaken in us all those beautiful feelings that we felt during a trip. We would also say that souvenirs are excellent gift options for all those who are waiting for us back home. Giving a souvenir to a person we care about is an essential move of interest and love. So we understand how vital a part of a trip is to buy souvenirs.

It is a fact that travel souvenirs are available in most of the shops you will visit. But quality souvenirs are definitely handmade, especially if they are made with eco-friendly materials. The new trend in eco-friendly souvenirs is that more and more visitors choose them for their shopping while supporting a more sustainable lifestyle in other aspects of their lives. But let’s explore some of the top souvenir ideas you can get during your travels.

sea landscape beach vacation
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Local art

A common choice is to buy a local work of art from the area you are visiting. Such a souvenir is always unique, especially if it is handmade, where your purchase acquires more excellent value. Such a work of art could be a painting or an intricate ceramic construction, among others. Usually, in such works of art, the unique identity of the area you visited is imprinted, further increasing the total value of this market for you. With such a purchase, you also manage to support small professionals while at the same time making your own an exceptional work of art that you certainly could not buy in a souvenir shop.

Eco-friendly handmade clothes

Another quality souvenir selection is that of buying handmade eco-friendly clothes. A handmade garment is always a quality purchase, especially when the hands make it of a creator. These clothes can be different: they can be blouses and t-shirts, scarves and sandals, etc. These products are made according to local manufacturing techniques, observing and continuing the traditions of each place. Such a souvenir is definitely a market of tremendous and substantial value because we are talking about unique products that you can not find in stores of mass production of clothing and apparel. Make a gift to yourself and your people by investing in gifts that can further enhance your personality.

Eco-friendly handmade jewellery

Finally, handmade jewellery from recyclable materials is a new trend that has come to stay. The manufacture of these jewellery has increased in recent years, where the ecological consciousness of several artists has led to new ways of producing their products and works of art. Art is at the forefront of informing citizens about environmental pollution and the consequences of non-recyclable materials, trying in its own way to use modern means to produce products of equal quality that respect the environment and nature. In this way, these eco-friendly souvenirs are created, which have nothing to envy from the conventional jewellery on the market. The company MiΝiMis makes quality jewellery from recyclable materials, creating exceptional designs for women but also for men who have ecological consciousness but at the same time are looking for accessories that will improve their style. Recyclable jewellery came to stay, and you would probably be interested in getting one of your own.

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