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When I was contacted by a lovely chap from the company Sticker Stocker and asked if I fancied reviewing some of their products, I pounced at the opportunity. Not jumped, pounced! I am a bit of a Sticker Stocker fan, having seen their website before and coming across it via various blog friends. I’m just so impressed by all the great stuff they have to offer.

I was sent a huge bundle to review, and I feel it’s really important to mention that Sticker Stocker don’t just sell stickers, they also sell learning resources. Sticker Stocker aim to bring great valued products to both teachers and parents, selling items such as “good job!” stickers you might expect to see in the classroom, all the way through to sparkly penguin stickers (a bit of a new favourite in the Lukeosaurus Household!)

The bundle I received to review is exactly the same bundle you could be in the chance of winning! As you can see, the bundle comes with a huge variety of stickers, and a few extra treats as well.

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All this could be yours…keep reading to find out how!

The stickers were a huge hit with Luke. At 20 months, he can’t get enough of stickers. Or “stiks” as he calls them. (Dangerously close to Stitch – it’s awfully confusing!) They’re literally on every surface of my home and even the corridor outside my front door. (We live in a flat…just in case that confused you.)

Sparkly Stickers

The first lot of stickers that really caught our eye was the collection of sparkly stickers. The sparkly pack contained two sparkly “Beaming Bugs” sticker sheets – we’re looking forward to doing lots of crafty things with these ones when we talk about Bugs and Critters later on this month.

It also contained two sticker sheets full of sparkly frogs in different poses called “Frog Fun” and also “Totally Tropical” – two sticker sheets full of sparkly tropical birds!

The rest of the stickers – wait for it – are all fish/ocean themed!! If you’re a regular here, you’ll know that I am a fish freak and that Luke’s first proper word was “fish!”. Needless to say, we were both VERY happy to receive these and give them a try. We got two sticker sheets of “Flashy Fish”, two “Deep Sea Dazzlers” and two “Proud Penguins”. Luke has already ‘decorated’ the fish tank with a few “flashy fish” stickers and I’m looking forward to doing MORE ocean themed crafts with these ones.

The stickers were really easy to peel off from the backing paper – a big bonus for younger children. Luke sometimes gets frustrated with himself for not being able to peel stickers off, or stick them to something. He gets really worked up and upset, but that whole drama was completely avoided here.

Luke really loved these ones and went “wow” as soon as he saw them. Definitely a big hit!!

Sparkly Sticker Stocker Stickers from lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

Basic Shapes

We got a huge pack of Basic Shape Stickers – 8 sticker sheets in total. When I was talking to the chap at Sticker Stocker about what sort of stickers would be beneficial for Luke, I mentioned that he was just starting to grasp the concept of shapes and colours, so these really are the perfect addition to our craft box.

Basic shape stickers from lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

There are loads of stickers crammed into this one sheet and they’re perfect for decorating gifts, doing focus based learning activities, making cards and a whole host of other activities. We used these fab stickers, along with the sparkly “Proud Penguins”, “Perky Penguins” and “Frog Fun” stickers to make Luke’s home made book marks below.

Bookmarks for toddlers from lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

Animal Stickers

A few other sticker sheets we received are the “Totally Buggy” and “Perky Penguins”  sheets and the “Zoo Animal” ones. Like I mentioned earlier, the bug stickers are going to be used heavily in the next few weeks, so it’s great that we have so many as we’re really going to have lots of fun learning and exploring the world of bugs and creepy crawlies.

Luke loves the “Zoo Animal” stickers – we’ve been reading ‘Dear Zoo’ loads lately so he is starting to learn more about the animals and what sounds they make. It’s lovely to watch him as he uses these stickers and recognises a few of the animals.

Penguins, Zoo Animals and Bugs sticker review from lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

Scented Stickers

Next I come to the mother of all stickers: smelly stickers! Yep, you read that right, stickers that have an actual scent! I have to say I was far more impressed with these than Luke was, but at 20 months old, you can’t blame him. The honey scented sheet didn’t smell very strongly, but it was packaged with the blueberry and strawberry scented stickers and I think the smell of those two combined is pretty overpowering. These scented stickers also come in themes, we received “Fabulous Farm” honey scented stickers, “Sea Animals” blueberry scented stickers and “Cuddle Critters” strawberry scented stickers.

Scented Sticker Review at lukeosaurusandme.co.ukI think these stickers would make excellent reward chart stickers or good behaviour stickers. I’m hoping to use these when it comes around to potty training time, I just hope that they keep their smell!

Phew! That’s it on the sticker front! But there’s still more to go!

As I mentioned before, Sticker Stocker also stock a great selection of learning aids and we were lucky enough to receive a few to review!

Reward Charts

First up, we have three fabulous Reward Charts! These look great, especially the Treasure Trail Reward Chart – I’m looking forward to using that one the most!

Treasure Trail Pirate Reward Chart for Kids from lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

Although I don’t currently have much use for these, I’m going to be saving all three and using the for when the dreaded potty training comes along…! As well using the epic scented stickers with these charts, Sticker Stocker also boasts a huge collection of fabulous Reward Stickers compatible with all their charts, in loads of exciting themes.

Superstar Reward Sticker Charts lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

Flash Cards

Finally, Luke and I received two packs of pocket flash cards, which Luke immediately went MAD for! As I have mentioned, Luke’s learning about shapes and colours and is also learning about animals and their sounds, so the lovely man at Sticker Stocker kindly sent us these to help Luke with his learning.

They’re absolutely fabulous and I have nothing negative to say about them at all. I can see how they’d be great in the classroom or preschool, but they’re also a fantastic learning aid to have at home. Luke really loves playing with them; he is so intrigued by all the different animals, their names and what they look like.

I have to admit, I do feel a little bit emotional watching him learn and associate animals with sounds, items with colours and hearing him ‘talk’ about everything so excitedly and enthusiastically! So I suppose I have Sticker Stocker to thank for bringing me some rather touching memories.

One thing, that’s not at all bad, is the variety of animals you get in the Animal flashcard set. There are some that younger children will be familiar with, and there are others that need some explaining. Luckily, the flash cards come with all sort of information about all the animals. I tried to keep things simple with Luke and stick to ones he may already know, he liked the fish (obvs), penguins, horse, kangaroos etc. There’s definitely a huge enough variety to still get a very good play session out of only a handful of cards.

Animal Flashcard Review from lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

The Give Away!

So there you have it – what a huge review, but there are so many great items up for grabs that I really wanted to talk to you about! This bundle is just full to the brim with things that are suitable for any age. Whether you’re doing some great gifts for the grandparents with your baby, making father’s day gifts with the toddlers or if you’re trying to give your preschooler that extra bit of learning through play – these guys and this huge bundle has you covered!

Sticker Stocker Review and Give Away from Lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

If you fancy getting your hands on the huge bundle from Sticker Stocker, just fill in the Rafflecopter widget!

Good Luck!

UK residency only please.

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**Disclaimer: I was sent these products from Sticker Stocker (www.stickerstocker.co.uk) in return for our honest opinion on the product. Give Away prizes are to be sent out via Sticker Stocker, not me – I will pass your details on to them if you are the lucky winner.


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