In my quest to change my lifestyle, I’ve look at my relationship with food and my diet and all things food related. I’m really trying to understand what I need to eat and what I don’t. What fuel my body needs and what sources of food will provide that, and which foods will provide it, but also provide me a tonne of other stuff I don’t need!

Now I feel that although I’m not 100% on this yet, I have started to understand things a bit better. My “diet” isn’t quite as strict as it was at the beginning; I found being hungry all the time made me super angry and unbearable. I was snappy and I can’t say Luke was enjoying my more up tight mood. So I am eating healthily and bumbling along without too many mishaps. But it’s time for something more!

Choosing a Fitbit from lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

I’m not active enough. It’s as simple as that. I am a “stay at home mum” *shudder* and I spend most days chasing Luke around. That’s okay, but we don’t have much space to play outside and if we’re inside, I’m not moving nearly as much as I should.

So I want to purchase myself a Fitbit! But I just have no idea which one to go for!

I’m torn between the Flex and the Charge. My budget is UNDER £100 as I have things to save for and I can’t really justify shedding out loads of money on something that isn’t essential. I feel I would really benefit from one, but I don’t want it to cost the Earth.

So I need your help!

Which Fitbit do you own? What’s it like? Do you like it, would you recommend it? Do you wish you’d bought another one in the range, or even a different brand?

These are the sort of things I want to know before I shell out the money! Please comment me or tweet me @gloryiscalling and let me know what you think!