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Tips For A Safe Family Holiday Abroad 

A family holiday could be just what you need and there are countless places for you to visit around the world. Beautiful beaches, fascinating cities and great food may be some of the things you’ll be looking for. However, ensuring your location is safe is vital. 

According to a recent survey, over one-third of Brits plan on travelling abroad for a holiday in 2024 but safety concerns often take a back seat. When travelling abroad with a family, though, it should be one of the first things you think about before booking. 

So, if you’re heading away this year and want to learn the ways to pick a safe, family-friendly spot overseas, we can help. Our guide will take a look at some of the most important things to consider to ensure you feel safe from the moment you land. 

Choosing the right destination 

First up, you’ll need to pick the right location that is deemed safe. Conflicts and internal problems can make countries unsafe to visit, and it’s believed that around one-fifth of the world’s countries are currently too dangerous to visit. We recommend steering clear of these for now unless you feel confident that you can navigate the ongoing issues within the country you want to visit.  

On the flip side of this, there are still plenty of safe countries that you and your family can visit across the globe. Some of the best include: 

  • Canada
  • Switzerland
  • Norway
  • Portugal 
  • Netherlands
  • Australia 
  • Japan 
  • France 
  • Spain

This ensures there are options for all types of holidays, so whether you want a relaxing beach one or a city break, there should be a safe place to visit that meets your needs.

Find a safe type of accommodation 

Now you’ve picked your destination, it’s time to find accommodation you can trust. Here are some of the best options you can choose as well as some things to keep an eye out for:


Hotels are one of the safest accommodation types wherever you go. They tend to have excellent security, safes to store your goods and staff members working around the clock. Be sure to look at reviews before booking, however, to ensure people staying here in the past enjoyed it too.


Hostels are a budget-friendly option and can be very safe for your family. We recommend booking a private room, so you have your own space and won’t have to risk items being stolen by others staying in the hostel. This accommodation type can sometimes be hit and miss, however, so check reviews before booking to make sure it sounds safe.


Hiring a house or apartment can be a great way to stay safe when you are abroad. These tend to be extremely secure and are away from tourist traps, so crime rates can be low. Make sure your host is well-rated online by past tenants, so you can be confident that there are no dangers to staying in the property.

Try to be as careful as possible

While some dangers can’t be avoided, there are some things you and your family can do to stay a little safer during your holiday. This includes: 

  • Keeping an eye out for pickpockets 
  • Putting your valuables in your accommodation’s safe
  • Leaving your passport in your room, unless you need it
  • Avoiding walking alone 
  • Ensuring you have the vaccinations to combat local diseases
  • Hiding valuables 
  • Learning potential scams

Use transport you can trust 

Public transport can be extremely unsafe when you’re in an unfamiliar country and you may put your family in danger if you use it. Try to use trusted transport as much as possible, so you can feel safe at all times. For instance, you could book an airport transfer with a hoppa discount code to keep the price down if you’re arriving via plane. 

Once you arrive at your locations, you could use licensed taxis to get you from A to B without worrying about running into trouble along the way,

Know what to do in the event of an emergency 

If an accident does occur and you’re in trouble, knowing what to do at that moment is vital. Be sure to know basic first aid to ease the pain of an injury immediately and find out who to call in an emergency before you go abroad. This means there’ll be no doubts in your mind and you can act fast to keep your family safe. 

There’s plenty to consider when it comes to safety on holiday but they’re all vital in keeping your family free from danger. Make sure you take the time to plan a safe trip and you should have a better time that’s free from safety concerns. Once you’ve done this, you can all start looking forward to the fun parts of the holiday! 

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.

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