Helping your child start school

Top Tips to Help Your Child Get Organised for School

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Starting a new school or even just starting a new term can feel overwhelming for many families. There is so much to organise and you may need to comfort your children if they are feeling nervous about this new milestone. However, with some careful planning you can help your children to start the school year feeling less stressed, more confident and ready to learn!

Helping your child start school

Whether your child is starting school for the first time or returning after the holidays, Manor House School have put together the following advice to help you and your children to get organised…

Get them used to the school time routine.

Many children struggle with change. A great way to help prepare your little ones for their new school routine is by introducing it a few weeks before they start term. Get them used to earlier bedtimes and earlier mornings and try to encourage your children to eat breakfast and get dressed, before they do anything else.

Teach them the life skills they’ll need in their new year at school.

If you have younger children, it is particularly helpful to practise things like how to dress themselves, choosing from the lunch menu and carrying their own dinner tray. By teaching your children how to dress themselves as part of your morning routine, you will also build their confidence for when they need to get ready for PE on their own.

Make sure you are prepared and have all the supplies needed.

Try to get all of your school uniform supplies as early as possible. The closer it gets to the beginning of term, the harder it is to get hold of! You should also make sure that your children have all the necessary stationery items and that all bags, clothes, and other easily lost items have been clearly labelled with their names.

Never miss an activity or event.

School term means lots of new activities and events, which can be hard to keep track of. It is a good idea to find a large family calendar to help you and your children to keep up to date. You can also use this calendar to add homework deadlines or upcoming exams.

Fun homework areas.

If your child is worried about homework, try to make it feel fun by creating a special space in your home for them to study. Set up a desk area and add storage, new stationary and craft supplies.

By preparing for school as early as possible and giving your children a sense of responsibility, you will help your children to feel more confident and excited about starting their new school year.

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