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UK Staycation: why you should invest in a motorhome.

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It’s safe to say that as the UK government’s roadmap unravels, we’re all looking forward to being able to travel again. Although it’s been wonderful discovering more local areas to explore, there’s something so freeing about hopping in the car and going on an adventure to somewhere new. 

Since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, travelling abroad has been a big no-no. As a result of travel bans all over the world, many people across the UK have decided to take it upon themselves to invest in campervans and motorhomes to ensure they get the best experience possible out of their UK holidays. It’s also possible to rent caravans and motorhomes if purchasing one outright is a bit too far out of your budget.

white rv on road
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Even we’ve got in on the campervan and motorhome action! 

You may have seen over on Instagram that we are currently in the process of converting a VW T4 into a family camper van. It’s a long and somewhat tedious process converting an old AA van into a camper that will seat and sleep 4 people and a dog. It definitely would have been so much easier, not to mention a lot more luxurious, to simply buy a new motorhome or campervan, and sometimes I wish we had! However, our specific van happens to have sentimental value to my mister, so we will put up with all the grief she gives us until she’s ready to go out on adventures again! 

Why are people buying motorhomes and campervans?

To put it simply, it looks like a lot of family holidays that are likely to take place over the next year or so will be UK staycations. Therefore it makes sense to invest your money into a vehicle that you can not only take wherever you want to, but one that the entire family can also sleep, eat, and even shower in. For the next couple of years, I think that family road trips will become our favourite type of holiday.

Motorhomes are ideal for families looking to get away in 2021. 

Motorhomes are, as the name suggests, homes away from home. They’re ideal for families who want to get away together and explore some of the beautiful regions that the UK has to offer. There are so many benefits to having a motorhome that make them ideal for families looking to start adventuring more, but here are just a few:

  • Modern day motorhomes are designed with space in mind, so there’s ample storage for the whole family’s luggage, as well as the essentials like food and bedding. 
  • You are free to go and explore any time you want. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that you can hop in your motorhome and head out to somewhere new. What better way to get in some quality family time? 
  • In some areas you can park and sleep for free, without having to pay for pitching or parking. This means that except for fuel costs, you could essentially go on holiday for free. 

Invest in a motorhome and enjoy the great outdoors more. 

Having a motorhome means that you’re always just one drive away from exploring somewhere breath-taking and amazing. Imagine being able to explore new bike trails, find the UK’s hidden beauty spots and wild swim with your family, all the while knowing that all your home comforts are still there waiting for you in your motorhome. If you’re looking for family friendly travel destinations, check out Tilly’s Travelling Telegram.

I bought a motorhome, now where should I go? 

You’re free to go wherever you want! You can stick to the UK and find some of the amazing hidden gems we’ve got, such as Cornwall’s rugged coastline or the Hawkstone Park Follies in Suffolk. Or, once it’s safe to do so, you can take your motorhome abroad and explore Europe and beyond. The world really is your oyster!

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.

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