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Ways To Support The New Mum In Your Life

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When your friend has a new baby, chaos ensues in their life. Suddenly, it’s like they need to do several jobs at once, and it all gets hectic and exhausting extremely quickly! 

There’s also a tornado of complicated emotions, ranging from sheer joy to dark hysteria. Laughter, crying, energetic playing, sleepless nights; the experience is a mixed bag that’s practically unlike any other. Therefore, helping a friend through this turbulent time can almost seem impossible… but it isn’t.

So, how can you support the new mum in your life? Well, here’s a few tips that might help you! 

Send a card

Cards can change the game for a new mum who’s struggling. When their house gets swarmed with toys, nappies and other clutter, your card will be the thing that pokes out through the mess of it all and makes them smile. Right a long message or draw a funny picture inside; get creative and do everything you can to show you love the recipient! 

For example, Card Factory offer a great range of new baby cards, so if you want to get creative start your search there. Remember, most people put their dearest cards on display for a good long while, so it’d be nice for the new mum in your life to have a constant reminder of how much you care and that you’re there for them! 

Extra hands

So long as they’ve asked or they’ve accepted your offer, then feel free to drop around and offer some help around the house of the new mum. The dishes might need doing, surfaces might need a quick clean, and there’s no doubt a spot of laundry that’s always piling up in the corner of a room or two! Pop in and do what you can – you’d be doing the new mum a huge favour for very little effort! 

You can also offer to do some baby duties with the mother if you’re particularly close. Motherhood is a constant struggle that can’t ever really be mastered completely, so try to offer some long-term assistance if you can. Changing nappies once or twice isn’t too hard, nor is feeding from the bottle. Perhaps you can keep an eye on things for awhile while the new mum takes a nap or watches her favourite show? 

Listen well

As previously mentioned, being a mother, especially a new mother, is an incredibly stressful and nigh on unrelenting experience. There will be times where she will need to vent or have a shoulder to cry on. Be that person if you feel able. Make sure that she feels heard in all her struggles. After all, sometimes being a supportive person just means providing company while your loved one’s work things out for themselves. 

When the new mum becomes a more experienced mum, she’ll reflect on those early days and remember that you stood by her throughout it all, rain or shine. Sometimes, people just need to get things off their chest to feel better about their situation, so let her rant and rave for as long as she likes. You don’t need an answer for every problem, just be patient and listen! 


There’re a variety of ways to support a new mum, ranging from gifts, pitching in and just listening where appropriate. Try one at a time or all three over time if you feel able; what matters is that any effort from you can really improve things for mum and baby both! 

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Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.

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