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When Can My Child Walk to School Alone?

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A frightening question for any parent is how old should their child be before they are able to walk to school without adult supervision. A senior school in Enfield have put together some helpful guidance to help you determine whether or not your child is ready. 

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When it comes to safety and security, and generally doing what’s best for our children, many parents feel overwhelmed. Unfortunately the ‘walk to school’ question doesn’t have a straightforward answer, as it depends on a variety of factors. For example, how long is the journey and is your child emotionally mature enough to handle it?

As a parent, it’s worth evaluating the journey, but not just how long it takes. Are there pavements for your child to walk along or will they have to walk on the road? Is there adequate street lighting so that your child can see properly during winter when it gets dark early? If there are lots of other parents and kids walking the same route, you might feel more comfortable than if your child was going to be walking the streets alone. 

It’s also important to consider your child maturity, as what is right for one child isn’t always right for all. Think about whether or not your child is sensible enough to walk on a busy road and whether or not they’re savvy when it comes to strangers. Some kids are far more capable of looking after themselves than others, despite YouGov reporting that 10 is an appropriate age. 

Of course, there are many things that parents can do to help teach their children walk to school without any problems. For example, teach them to stick to the same route each day and avoid alley ways or wooded areas. Also show them from a young age how to safely cross the road at zebra crossings and be aware of strangers. 

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