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Women’s Motorcycle Jackets: The Key to Leather on Leather Trends

Many women are told that the only time that they should be wearing leather is if they are riding a motorcycle. However, we are here to tell you that not only should you wear leather but you can take it a step further and double down on this unique trend and wear more than one item of leather. 

How can you do so without appearing tacky? What goes well with women’s motorcycle jackets? What is the best way to go about wearing leather on leather?

Let’s find out as we explore this fashionable trend and what it can do for your image. 

smiling young woman with tilted head in front of big red car hood
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How to Wear More Than One Leather Item

Whilst you may quite obviously start with the motorbike jacket, your double leather outfit should not make you look like you are trying to appear like a biker chick. Instead, you should look refined, elegant, and chic. 

Avoid the standard black with black and mix up the color palette a little bit. Think about how you might usually match your outfit colors and choose a unique leather combo that is slightly more vibrant than what many might expect from a leather ensemble. 

Give your outfit that feminine touch by making it sleek, well-fitted, and slightly unexpected. To divert from the biker image and to create your own unique look try and pick items of clothing that match your jacket but would be impossible to wear on a bike. 

High heels, pencil skirts, and other types of dresses may bring it all together and leave you looking upscale and sophisticated.

Making a Fashion Statement

Wearing leather is not just practical, durable, and comfortable but it is a statement about who you are as a woman and how you like to live. It is empowering and beautiful. However, the statement that you make when you wear leather on leather can vary greatly depending on the types of leather jackets and clothing you choose.

Think about what impression you want others to have about you and what you would think of someone else wearing this same outfit. Most importantly, do not attempt to be something that you are not. The style and the colors should match who you are as a person and should be comfortable for you.

Last of all, instead of just looking in the mirror take a photo or have a friend take one for you so you can examine the ensemble objectively and better see what makes for your ultimate leather on leather trend.  

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