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Your 2022 Beauty Regime: Top Tips To Always Look Your Best


Your beauty regime is a huge part of your life. It’s not just about looking good but also about feeling good. It’s not always easy to maintain a beauty regime, especially when you’re busy or trying to cut down on spending. For some, this may be as simple as wearing a different outfit or wearing their hair up. However, for those who want to make beauty a priority in their lives, here are some tips and tricks that will help you achieve the perfect look in 2022.

Microblading And Lamination

The first step to always looking your best, whether you choose to wear makeup or not, is to have the perfect eyebrows from the moment you wake up for the day. Microblading and lamination services are two ways you can wake up with your eyebrows on point without needing to spend time sculpting them in the morning. 

Microblading is a semi-permanent treatment that will save you time getting ready as you won’t need to spend time on them during your beauty regimes. You’ll never be embarrassed by your eyebrows again as they retain their shape throughout the day, which means you won’t need to rush to the nearest mirror to reshape them if you accidentally smudge your makeup. 

Brow lamination, also known as the eyebrow perm, is a newer service that has taken the beauty world by storm. This treatment is available from professionals such as a Permanent Makeup St Louis Missouri Expert and is ideal for people who have thinner brows and does not involve needles or colouring. With a lamination service, you can have the brows of your dreams without needing to spend time using gels or sculpting tools at home each morning. 

Finding the right studio for your needs can be challenging, especially if you’re not sure if you want to have brow lamination or microblading. However, if you need some expert advice to help you decide which is best for your eyebrows and the style you want to achieve, head over to the Jessica Balsam Lash and Brow Studio to learn more about lamination and microblading in Bristol. Not only can you find out more about making yourself feel better, but you could look into training for the future.

Eyelash Extension

Another way to ensure you always look your best is by getting eyelash extensions at one of your local lash studios. You can wake up every day looking like you already have mascara on with lash extensions as they enhance the curl and length of your natural lashes. Of course, if you’re looking for a cheaper way to still get amazing looking lashes, you can always try using fake lashes; I’ve heard brilliant things about the Lola’s Lashes Liberty Collection!


As well as your lashes and brows, your skin needs love to keep you looking fantastic at all times. Moisturising should be a vital step in your beauty regime, not just for your face but for your whole body. It hydrates your skin, preventing irritating and dry patches, but it also helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as you age. Many people struggle with the signs of aging, and reducing the number of fine lines or wrinkles you have can help to boost your confidence. There will be other measures you can take to boost your confidence, but it all starts from how you perceive yourself.

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.

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