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Your Guide to Christmas in London 2022

London is one of the largest cities in Europe. It is the most preferred destination for people who want to enjoy the festive season. Christmas in London is characterized by gorgeous events making it the most fun place during the 2022 festive season. 

Not all events are likely to take place during the 2022 Christmas season. However, there is still more and much to see during this period. Therefore, this article provides insight on how to spend your Christmas 2022 in London. 

Major Christmas Events in London 2022 

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 

Prepare for a return to the Winter Wonderland to Hyde Park. It is one of the most popular events attracting tourists planning to travel to London this Christmas. The event will run from 18th November 2022 to 2nd January 2023. 

Note that the 2022 event is ticketed, with a handful of free off-peak sessions. 

Skate at Somerset House- Ice Skating 

London houses several ice skating venues of varying quality. However, most of these venues charge too much. Somerset House is among the best skating venues that offer the most beautiful and affordable skating rinks. The dates of the event are yet to be set. However, this year’s event will likely run up to January 2023. 

Apart from skating, you can also visit the historic rooms around the courtyard. 

Oxford Street Christmas Lights 2022 

Oxford Street is known globally as the daddy of Christmas lights. The festive lights displays are already set, waiting for the launch. The lights form a classical Christmas display with white fairy tails and red stairs adorning London’s Premier shopping street. 

The event will likely begin any time from mid-November onwards to January 2023. 

Regent Street Christmas Lights 2022 

The Regent Street Christmas lights will feature a collection of glorious angels from above. If you wish to get the best view, take photos from the central reservation next to the pedestrian crossing. However, it is essential to be careful and avoid being hit by a bus or taxi. 

The event is likely to open any time from mid-November. 

Crystal Palace Lightopia 

The Crystal Palace Lightopia will likely begin on 17th November 2022 and end on 2nd January 2023. This event is happening for the second time. The immersive installation of lights characterizes the Crystal Palace Lightopia. 

Carnaby Street Christmas Lights 

Carnaby Street Christmas light can be described as an immersive kaleidoscope of shimmering neon butterflies. It comprises over 500 colourful butterflies that fly alongside the iconic Love Carnaby Street. 

The street has more than 100 restaurants, bars, and shops where you can easily spend the whole evening. 

Liberty Christmas Shop 2022 

The Liberty Christmas shop is among the best Christmas shops in London. It contains a wide range of Christmas tree decorations. 

Are you Planning to Visit London? 

Visiting London should be at the top of your list on your 2022 Christmas plan. When planning, ensure that you select the best accommodation facilities in London. London has a wide range of hotels and serviced apartments, making it difficult for one to choose. However, you can locate a good hotel apartment in London here.

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