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Maximise The Space In Your Child’s Bedroom With These Clever Storage Solutions

Keeping your child’s bedroom tidy can be an exhausting task. For me, it used to seem like no matter how many toys I put away, or books I put back on the shelf, there were always more play things that needed a place to live. Honestly, the lack of storage in my children’s rooms used to drive me insane. That was, of course, until I got savvy with my storage solutions and looked into clever methods I could use to maximise the space in my kid’s bedrooms. 

It’s actually relatively simple and easy to maximise the space in your child’s bedroom just by using some clever storage solutions. You’d be amazed at how much more room there is for children to play and read in their rooms once they’ve had some new storage bought in.

So if you want some practical and fun children’s bedroom ideas that have ample storage in order to maximise the space in your child’s bedroom, here’s everything you need to know. 

Built-in wardrobes are your new best friends.

The humble wardrobe is so much more than simply an area to store clothes. Wardrobes allow you to store all manner of items, clothing, shoes, and accessories neatly, thus ensuring that you do not end up taking up lots of space elsewhere in the bedroom. Fitted walk in wardrobes are a fantastic storage solution for small children’s bedrooms as they enable you to hang all your children’s clothes on a rail, leaving plenty of space both below and above. 

With a walk in wardrobe fitted in your child’s room, you can enlist the help of other storage items such as storage boxes along the bottom of the wardrobe for other clothing or shoes. Alternatively, over the door shoe racks make great storage solutions for shoes, toys, school uniforms, and other small items, and best of all, they remain stored away neatly hidden within the wardrobe. 

Built in wardrobes come in all manners of shapes and sizes, which ensures that no matter the shape of the room, the furniture will fit seamlessly, allowing you to make the most of the spaces available to you. When choosing a walk in wardrobe, think about the additional storage that you may require, such as shelving along the lower edges of the wardrobe, or above the railing. 

Coat hooks make clothing easily accessible to children, therefore saving wardrobe space for more important items.

Items of clothing that are worn regularly, that are bulky, or that happen to be your children’s favourite dress-up costumes should be easily accessible to your children. Installing coat hooks on a wall at a level your children can access not only saves these bulky items from taking up precious wardrobe space, but also teaches children that their clothing (such as jackets and dress-up costumes) need to be put away once they have finished playing with them. 

Vertical storage solutions keep things off the ground.

It may sound obvious, but by using vertical storage solutions, you’re taking up far less floor space without losing out on any existing storage. Don’t be afraid to put some toys on top of vertical units – not every toy your child owns needs to be accessible to them throughout the day. Using vertical shelving or cubby holes is a lovely way to store toys and other items, as well as presenting you and your children with a lovely area to show off their favourite makes and things that they’re proud of.

It’s not just vertical storage that helps, but also vertical beds!

If you really want to maximise the amount of floor space in your child’s bedroom, a clever way of achieving this is to create a raised bed. If you have children sharing a room, bunk beds are total space savers. Bunk beds are a great solution for shared rooms, saving ample space. But even if it’s a single child’s room, going vertical with beds for kids can still be a smart way to maximize usable area without compromising comfort or style. However, you don’t need to have two beds in a room in order to go vertical.

Building a raised platform for your child’s bed will open up the whole room to them, enabling plenty of space for play, as well as the ideal space for a storage essential such as a walk in wardrobe. If you want to see just how much a walk in wardrobe could benefit you and your child, navigate to this website for some clever storage solutions brought to you by expert designers. 

Use these extra tips if you want to make your children’s bedrooms seem bigger.

These clever storage solutions really helped me to maximise the space in my children’s bedrooms. However, there’s still one more little trick to creating a space that feels bigger than it actually is, and that is: go light with your colour scheme. Think of gentle baby blues or blush pink, a light coloured sage, or even a brilliant white paint. A light base coat will reflect natural light and make the room feel larger than it is. 

Don’t forget to add pops of colour to your child’s bedroom using paint and other accessories. Decorating your child’s room with fun wall art is a quick way to inject colour into a room without making it appear too busy. You could also opt to use your child’s favourite character bedding to make things feel more homely for them. Be sure to keep your child’s bedroom layout relatively simple, as overcomplicating things can make the room feel small and cluttered. 

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.

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