Your Pet And Their Golden Years

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Just because they’re a bit older doesn’t mean the fun has to stop.

Everyone, and everything, is susceptible to aging. Yes, even that tiny little ball of fluff! And energy is going to demand that you carry it upstairs on account of sore tired legs.

But when your pet gets that bit older, be it a dog or a cat, you need to keep in mind that in the grand scale of things they’re still just big kids. They still want to play and cuddle and try new things, so what’s stopping them? 

The reality is their bodies aren’t as capable as years prior, but even the most senior of pups and cats still have some energy. So it’s up to you to work out where that threshold is and find ways to offer your pets fun amid their golden years.

With some prompts and guidance, we can help you improve a senior pet’s life. If you work with them, they’ll show you just how much they have left to offer!

Turn It Down A Notch

Are you used to hours of playtime with your cat? As they get older they may still want to play, just not as much.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t play with them, just call it a day a little bit earlier – they’ll still have fun, you’ll still have fun – the only real change is that there’s a little less playtime.

But in the long run, that means that they can play more. If you overdo it you run the risk of tiring them out today and they might not be keen for playtime tomorrow.

Similarly for dogs, try to gauge when exercise is too much. Often they are so excited about catching a ball or chasing their friends that they won’t tell you.

Most dogs – if they had it their way – would be socialising and playing nonstop. It falls down to you to know when enough is enough.

Again, that doesn’t mean fewer walks, it means shorter walks and less intense walks. Your dog won’t feel like they are missing out but also won’t be tiring themselves out by going on a walk that’s more fit for the young pups.

Let Them Recover

Ventured up the hills with your dog? If they’re getting that little bit older you should really be giving them a day off the next day.

This can be hard as many dogs see it as their “job” to go on a walk but their bodies have to recover.

Let them rest and recover. That way you’ll be minimising the risk of injuries occurring and when you do go out on a bigger walk they’ll have the energy to enjoy it.

For cats, if you let your cat out for a whole day, keep them in for the next. They may not like this but as they grow older, recovery is essential.

Let them out every other day, and then every few days, that way they aren’t out in the open sometimes zooming about all day and exhausting themselves.

Keep Them Fighting Fit

Cats and dogs are like us, exercise can go a long way, but the diet is what’s really going to make the difference.

As they get older they may not be able to break down processed foods as well so it may be time to consider a switch to a raw feeding diet.

Raw, wholesome food is much easier to digest and break down. As a result, it might offer your pet that boost of energy that they’ve been needing.

Click here to see some of the pre-prepped options that are available for your grey nosed furry pals.

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