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6 Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor


Hiring a private tutor is a great way to support your child’s education, while simultaneously mentoring them on a personal level and acting as a role model.  Many parents turn to private tuition, especially during GCSE’s and A Levels when the pressure increases and the subjects become more challenging. However, your child might not need a tutor and you’d just be wasting your money. So, what are the signs that your child needs a tutor? Hampstead Hill School suggest the following things to look out for.

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Poor Grades

If your child’s grades are slipping and they consistently perform poorly over several months, it might be because they do not understand the subject and need some extra support.

Constant Confusion

During homework sessions, keep an eye on your child to see if they are finding it confusing. A tutor will help them grasp concepts that otherwise baffle them.


Poor time management and procrastination are signs that your child is feeling overwhelmed with their school work.

Behavioural Issues

Is your child behaving badly, either at school or home, or both? If so, it might be because they are frustrated, upset or anxious about their school work. Children don’t always know how to deal with complicated emptions so they lash out.

Avoiding School

If your child is struggling at school, they might feel embarrassed and want to avoid school altogether. They might come up with different excuses to try and get out of going, but it could be that they’ve fallen out with their friends or another reason altogether. It’s worth sitting down with them and figuring out why they’re unhappy at school.

Lack of Confidence

Is your child displaying symptoms of low self-esteem? A lack of confidence could be an indicator that they’re struggling with school in some way. A successful tutor will help build their confidence back up, which might encouraging them to participate more in class.

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