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Autumn Centerpiece Inspiration: 4 Simple Autumn/Thanksgiving Centrepiece Makes

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Autumn is my favourite season. The food, the colours, the smells – everything about autumn just cocoons you in a snuggly cosy blanket and I never, ever want to leave it. That’s probably why I decided to have an autumn themed wedding! One of the things that makes autumn so magical is that nature is so very kind to us, presenting us with the opportunity to bring our favourite parts of nature indoors to admire, allowing us, in a way, to create our own UK version of a Thanksgiving centerpiece. Today we’re going to take a look at some truly beautiful autumn centrepiece makes and discover more about how to decorate your home with nature’s bounty this autumn.

So grab a cuppa, sit back, and enjoy scrolling through our beautiful autumn centrepiece, or Thanksgiving centerpiece for my American friends, inspiration post. 

Use Conkers and Pinecones To Create A Stunning Autumn Centerpiece

Many people want to know what to do with conkers (horse chestnuts) once they’ve collected them. Picking them up and bringing them home is the easy part, but not many people know how to use conkers in and around their homes. 

So if you’re wondering what to do with conkers when you have an abundance of the things, making your own Thanksgiving centerpiece or autumn centrepiece is a fantastic seasonal solution. There are lots of ways to use conkers in your autumn centrepieces, from a simple elegant vase or bowl filled with conkers and pinecones to a more extravagant piece that incorporates candles, small squashes, and even autumn leaves.

If you’re intrigued to learn how to use conkers, you may find that you enjoy reading out What To Do With Conkers posts which features over 40+ uses for conkers in and around your home.

Autumn Flower Arrangements For Your Thanksgiving Centrepiece

When it comes to a simple yet classic autumn centrepiece, you can’t go wrong with a good old-fashioned flower arrangement. There are now so many brilliant brands that will put together the most gorgeous floral arrangements for your home and deliver them straight to your door.

If you’d rather create something unique and one of a kind, foraging in your local area, and even in your garden, for various flowers and greenery to create an autumn centrepiece that works for you. UK residents, be on the lookout for plants such as rosehips, hydrangeas, various grasses, ivy, and eucalyptus. 

Again, this is a great solution for those wanting to know what to do with conkers as these can be added to flower arrangements depending on how you choose to arrange your flowers, and whether you choose to use dried flowers or fresh ones. 

Here are some beautiful flowers that are readily available in the autumn in major supermarkets that make for great autumn centrepiece inspiration:

  • Sunflowers
  • Pansies
  • Chrysanthemums 
  • Roses
  • African Daisies

Tip: If you want to really make your autumn centrepiece or Thanksgiving centerpiece stand out, try using a hollowed-out pumpkin as a vase! Simply cut the top off your pumpkin, scoop out the insides and place a small jar of water inside for your flowers to sit in.

Decorated Pumpkin Displays

Is it even autumn if you don’t have pumpkins and squashes on display? If you’re looking for a simple, low-maintenance way to introduce some nature into your autumn centrepieces, these little guys are your solution. 

Pumpkins and squashes can be used in a variety of ways to produce a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece, or to create stunning autumn centrepieces. You can leave that au naturel or you can opt to decorate them with acrylic paints, biodegradable glitter, vinyl stickers etc.

A pumpkin autumn centrepiece can be spiced up with the addition of autumnal flowers, or if you’re still wondering what to do with conkers and other autumn foliage, decorating a stack of mini squashes with these is a simple and easy way to create an elegant focal point for your dining table.

Using layers can help to add some real rustic charm to your autumn centrepiece as well. I love using colander stacked on top of one another and filling them with squashes of all shapes and sizes. The gaps can be filled with springs of grasses, flowers, rosehip berries, and springs of eucalyptus.  You could also use a 3 tiered cake stand to create a similar feature.

Artificial Arrangements Make Your Thanksgiving Centerpiece A Little Easier To Manage

There are some elements of autumn that simply don’t last very well when bought indoors. In these cases, it’s sometimes best to use artificial decorations when designing your autumn centrepiece. 

One autumn centrepiece that I love to do requires some artificial autumn foliage, an autumn-themed or patterned runner, and some battery powered LED lights. Placing the runner across the middle of the table creates the perfect base for you to layer additional artificial decorations for your arrangements. Trailing artificial autumn leaves across the runner and weaving the LED lights between the leaves creates a warming and inviting glow that’s irresistible when it comes to cosy nights at home. 

Adding some other elements that I have mentioned here, such as pumpkins or floral arrangements, adds that little extra something and brightens up any autumn-themed dining table.

Enjoy Creating Your Perfect Thanksgiving Centerpiece or Autumn Centrepiece!

We’ve included lots of glorious autumn centrepiece inspiration here and I’m sure this post has got your creative juices flowing. If you’re looking for more autumn-themed content, you may also enjoy some of the following blog posts:

If you have enjoyed this post, I’d love for you to drop me a comment and let me know which was your favourite autumn centrepiece. You can also contact me on Instagram or send me a tweet

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.

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