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Baby’s 1st Christmas Magic Santa Letter Review

When the team at Magic Santa Letter asked if I’d like to review one of their letter packages, I was delighted. Receiving a letter from Santa just brings that extra little bit of magic to the whole Christmas experience. I love all the tiny touches that us parents can add over the Christmas period to keep everything so exciting for the kids.

Magic Santa Letter review at

Magic Santa Letters – Personalisable Letters From Santa

There are three types of Magic Santa Letters to choose from. There’s the ‘Baby’s 1st Christmas’, which is the one we chose for baby Oscar. There’s the original ‘Magic Santa Letter’ and then the most popular ‘Truly Magical Santa Letter’. Each pack contains a letter and a few extra additions, which are listed on the website. The letters are all reasonably priced and include worldwide postage and packaging – great if you’re going away for Christmas as a family or if you’re wanting to treat someone far away this season.

Magic Santa Letter review at

Baby’s 1st Christmas Santa Letter Features

For a wonderful Christmas keepsake, we chose to go with the Baby’s 1st Christmas letter. The package features luxury thick cut authentic scroll paper, magic reindeer food and an authentic ‘Good Child’ certificate. The letters are fully personalisable and include heart warming templates to help you create some extra magic from Santa. Thoughtfully, Magic Santa Letters have also got a single parent option to ensure that the letters are fully inclusive. I’m also really happy to report that the ‘magic’ reindeer food is actually just oats – not a speck of glitter in sight!

Personalising The Magic Santa Letter

The website is very easy to use. You simply scroll down, select the Magic Santa Letter package you wish to purchase and follow the personalisable instructions. There are two templates to select when choosing the Baby’s 1st Christmas package and you can preview both letters, or choose to create your own letter entirely. The whole process took around 5 minutes, but it would, of course, take longer if you wanted to create your own letter from Santa. The instructions are very clear and the website provides photos so you’ll be able to see what your child’s letter will look like.

Magic Santa Letter review at

Baby’s 1st Christmas Magic Santa Letter Review

Oscar’s 1st Christmas letter from Santa arrived quickly after completing the order process. The letter comes in a decorative envelope addressed to your child in a handwritten script style font. The envelope even includes novelty postage stamps, such as “Deliver by Dec 25th” and “North Pole Express” which really adds to the magic.

Inside the envelope was the letter from Santa, exactly like it had appeared on my screen at the time of ordering. The letter is printed on good quality paper, meaning it really would make a durable keepsake. The authentic certificate is also printed on great paper and the reindeer food comes in a little paper envelope.

Magic Santa Letter review at

My Thoughts

As a parent, it’s my wish to keep the magic of Christmas alive in both my boys for as long as possible. These letters from Magic Santa Letter certainly enable me to do just that. The script font used mimics Santa’s handwriting and the personalised message makes it all extra special. The Baby’s 1st Christmas Magic Santa Letter costs £6.99 and that’s pretty much the price I would expect to pay for this type of Christmas item. I love all the little touches that Magic Santa Letter includes in their products, such as the cut out scroll paper, the elf employment numbers and the wax seal. It really does feel authentic!

*Magic Santa Letters kindly sent us a Baby’s 1st Christmas letter for the purpose of thus review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Magic Santa Letter review at

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