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Christmas Gifts For Kids and Babies 2018

I’ve saved the most popular gift guide for last! Buying Christmas presents for children and babies is hard. Children usually get toys, clothes and treats throughout the year, so it can be hard to try and find something that they don’t already have but would actually benefit from or enjoy. It can be frustrating when you spend money on toys, only to find they get shoved under the bed a week later. As a parent, it’s one of the most frustrating things about Christmases and birthdays! As for babies, well, there’s just not a lot that they need! So let’s kick things off and get on with the presents!

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Personalised Christmas Baubles

Luke already has a personalised bauble that sits proudly on our Christmas tree, but little baby Oscar deserves to have his one too. Whether it’s for baby’s 1st Christmas, or just to grow your collection of Christmas decorations, these adorable personalised Christmas baubles are made from bone china and from Born Gifted.

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Abel Labels Personalised Muslin Cloths

Every new parent knows that muslin clothes are an invaluable essential for the newborn kit. Abel Labels have a huge collection of personalised baby gifts which are seriously sweet. Their personalised muslin squares would make a great gift for babies, either as a main or as a stocking filler.

Celestial Buddies Plush Toys

Children are naturally curious about the world around them. Every little boy and girl is fascinated by the solar system and what lies beyond our universe. My boy has been learning about the planets in our solar system and has a great educational poster that teaches him the facts he needs to know. Celestial Buddies are adorable plush toys that represent everything we can find in our solar system. From the planets, dwarf planets, the sun and the moon. These guys are seriously cute and one of these would be a great start to a growing collection.

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Whichever character your kids adore, Illumi-Mates from Spearmark is guaranteed to brighten up their lives! These little characters make great stocking fillers and Christmas gifts, making great night lights and novelty desk buddies. Illumi-Mates come in many different forms: emojis, PJ Masks, Paw Patrol, unicorns, Marvel, Shimmer & Shine, My Little Pony and loads more.

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Childs Farm Bedtime Set

Don’t let the kids miss out on the ‘smellies’ hype! Childs Farm, the highly acclaimed, award winning brand that produces family friendly bath and body products for children, have released the Childs Farm Bedtime Set. The set contains everything you need to help set and reinforce a child’s bedtime routine. The range has been specifically designed to care for delicate skin and contains: 1 x baby bedtime bubbles 250ml, 1 x baby wash 250ml and 1 x baby moisturiser 250ml.

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Christmas All-In-one Pyjamas

It isn’t Christmas if you don’t get a new pair of Christmas PJs! The all-in-one onesie style PJ is great for lounging around on Christmas day and throughout the Crimbo-Limbo period. They’re nice and snug and have a cheery Christmassy pattern.

Kendall The Kale

There’s nothing more challenging that a teething baby. Trust me, I know as I’m currently experiencing just that! The Kendall The Kale teether is an all natural rubber teething toy is a real conversation starter. Looking exactly like the real deal, Kendall Kale is hand painted with love and made of responsibly sourced rubber. The kale leaf is squishy – perfect for sore gums and has lots of little bumps and curves which helps it to get into all the hard to reach places. Oscar’s beem gumming on this bad boy for the past month or so and, judging by the amount of dribble and giggles, I’d say it’s been a massive hit.

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Dotty About Paper Baby Album

Not strictly for the kids right now, but definitely a keepsake they’ll enjoy looking through later on in life, so I suppose that means you are giving the gift of memories! The perfect way to cherish and keep those memories safe is through a good quality and beautiful photo album. Dotty About Paper create luxury photo albums, along with other quality gifts for babies and other stantinary items.

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Strictly Briks Brik Buster

Brik Buster is a plastic brick game that shares similarities with the classic family game, Jenga. The rules differ substantially to Jenga, however! The game encourages engineering and problem solving. First up, you need to build the tower using the bricks and platforms. Instructions come with the pack and explain how the basic support bricks should be placed, although once you’ve got that layout down, you can start experimenting a bit more, thus increasing the game’s difficulty. Once your tower has been built, use the hammer that comes with the game to hit the supporting bricks and knock them down. It’s a great family game and we’ve enjoyed a few games evenings with the Brik Buster addition.

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The Adventures Of Jenny and Philip: The Naughtiest Girl In The World

They do say that when buying presents for children, you should follow these guidelines: something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. So far, we’ve covered all of them, except for something to read. The Adventures Of Jenny and Philip: The Naughtiest Girl In The World is a modern day fable which focuses around Jenny, the strong female character who wants to be the naughtiest girl in the whole world. Currently, she’s the naughtiest girl in Yorkshire and she’ll do anything in her power, just to be naughty. Can her best friend, Philip the cat, show her just how lucky she really is? This engaging and fun story is aimed at 4 – 7 years olds.

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