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Children’s Christmas Gift Guide

*Contains gifted products, all words are my own.

Looking for Christmas gifts for children? You’re in the right place! This year, my Children’s gift guide has a great selection of gifts that range from toddler ages to 12 year old’s. There are books, toys, subscription boxes and more – all reasonably priced as we all know Christmas can be tough!

Tip: My biggest tip for Christmas shopping is to start saving for Christmas early. We have a Christmas savings account dedicated to festive shopping, which is an absolutely godsend!

Here are my favourite Christmas gift picks for children this year.

Farm Play Set – Weaving Hope – £35

Weaving Hope produces children’s toys, aprons and bags from cotton woven on traditional handlooms in Sri Lanka. The products sold help create jobs and keep the cherished skill of handlooming alive – all while being environmentally friendly. The Farm Play Set is our favourite and features charming little farm animals, a little fenced pen and a pond. The animals are the perfect size for little hands and are soft and sturdy. The whole play set packs away neatly thanks to a zip on the side, making it a great gift idea for young children who struggle to keep all the parts of their play sets together. Weaving Hope sells lots of other fair trade playsets that are all gorgeous and make excellent gifts. 

Kids Bake Box Subscription – Nutritional Ninjas – Price Varies

Nutritional Ninjas is a kids baking subscription box that comes through the post box once a month. The dry-ingredients inside are premeasured, making it easy for kids to successfully combine them without having to worry about measuring or using scales. As well as ingredients, the Kids Bake Box comes with a recipe card, activities, and a collectable sticker. The subscription options are: monthly, 6 monthly, 12 monthly and the price varies depending on your choice, but the first box is free!

Nutritional Ninjas also offer some really cool online cookery classes for kids that children can do with their online teacher, leaving the parents free to sit back and relax. 

Remote Controlled Toys

Remote controlled toys have always been popular among kids, and now they’re even better than ever. Luke loves a good RC toy, one of his favourites that has lasted him ages has been the RC Stunt Car! It’s an all-terrain beast and has visited the park with us many times. The RC Speedy Drift racing car is also a massive hit and has 50 minutes of play time, making it a great one to take out and about with you. Dinosaur lovers, like my little Ozzy would love the RC Dinosaur that roars, dances, and even launches little bullets. The Robot Dog would be a lovely present for children who are longing for their very own puppy, and, of course, we can’t forget the classic RC Robot!

Busy Things Subscription – Price Varies

If you have a kid like mine, they love learning and enjoy the digital world of online educational games. Busy Things is an amazing subscription service that helps kids learn through play. The educational content is fun, colourful and broken down into really handy sections of the curriculum that are easy for parents to navigate. They even supply a supporting printable resource maker that brings a new dimension to out-of-school learning. Setting up an account is easy and you can tailor the content your child is able to use; there are quizzes, games, printables, book extracts, and so much more.

If you’re looking for something fun that school aged children will love, a subscription to Busy Things is something I’d definitely recommend. Luke absolutely adores it and asks to play Busy Things on my laptop every day after school. It’s worth mentioning that Busy Things works really well on a laptop or tablet, but isn’t really suitable for mobile phone screens.

Xootz Stunt Scooter – – £29.95

We received a Xootz Stunt Scooter from earlier this year and I can’t tell you how in love with this scooter my boy is! The Xootz Stunt Scooter is really easy to put together, I was able to pop it all together before picking him up from school, which meant he was able to have a surprise scoot home, which he loved! 

It’s perfect for beginners like Luke – he’s 7 and hasn’t quite braved much in the way of tricks, but has great control over the scooter and is able to easily carry it around. The box comes with loads of stickers for you to add and personalise your scooter with, which was obviously the first thing he did when he got home. The Xootz Stunt Scooter is great for kids aged 6-12, the handle bars spin 360 degrees for tricks, and has a max weight of 50kg. 

Kids who love scooting will really like the Xootz Stunt Scooter and it’s a great, well priced scooter for beginners. 

Eco Friendly Kids Toothbrush – Brush Box – Price Varies

Luke cares deeply about the environment and being as eco-friendly as possible is a trait I’m keen to nurture in him. He loves a good litter pick and detests single-use plastic, which is why these eco friendly, fully compostable kids toothbrushes from Brush Box are such a brilliant gift idea for him. 

I was absolutely gobsmacked to find out that over 1 billion single use plastic toothbrushes are thrown away every year, and most of those will end up in the ocean. Brush Box provide a sustainable solution by producing bamboo toothbrushes and other sustainable oral care products via a handy subscription service. 

Brush Box subscription boxes are affordable, eco friendly, provide great oral health, and suit the whole family. Just tell them what you need and it’s as simple as that – you can then cancel your subscription any time. Plus, every time you buy a brush, Brush Box donates a brush to a child in need and plans a new tree, giving back to the earth! 

George and the Happy Tooth – Happy Teeth Education – £7.99

We all know that oral hygiene is paramount, but teaching our kids the importance of good oral care is a bit like talking to a brick wall sometimes. George and the Happy Tooth, (written by Katie Dullaghan, illustrated by Sean Webster) is a fun story about a boy, George, losing his first tooth. His little tooth gives him lots of helpful tips and tricks to help him to understand the importance of oral health, and teach him how to care for his new teeth. The story includes lots of tips, activities and guides to keep learning fun.

The story is really nice and easy for children to understand – there’s a lot of opportunity for interaction, such as maze’s to help George chase the S Mutants (sugar mutants) away and cross-curriculum activities, such as creating a rap song about healthy teeth! 

Gigantosaurus – The Game

My boy loves playing on the Nintendo Switch, and one of the games he is currently enjoying is Gigantosaurus – The Game. He absolutely loves watching his dinosaur friends on TV, so when we found out that there was a game he could play with all of his favourite characters in…well it was a no brainer. I have written a full, detailed review of the Gigantosaurus – The Game that you can read if you’d like more information.

Gigantosaurus: The Game artwork

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.


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