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Xootz Stunt Scooter Review

*The Xootz Stunt Scooter was gifted to us from All words and photos are my own.

Since starting Year 3 and making loads of new friends, Luke has been obsessed with scooting! He wants to scoot to school, he wants to jump on his scooter and zoom around the street and he wants to go scooting with his friends. After watching him with some of the children who live across the road from us, I noticed that his scooter was looking a bit too short for him, and he wasn’t able to keep up with his friends on their more recently purchased scooters. Luke was getting upset that he was struggling to scoot as fast as his friends, that his scooter was a bit bumpy compared to theirs and that he couldn’t glide as well as them.

As he has found a new love for scooting, I decided it was time to start looking for a new one to get him. I didn’t have a huge budget, so after looking online I came across -they have a great selection of stunt scooters that are just right for Luke in terms of height, weight and ability. Coincidentally, a few days later, an email landed in my inbox asking if I’d be interested in featuring something from their website on my Christmas Gift Guide For Kids, so I knew exactly what I was going to get! Luke and I sat down together and decided that the Xootz Stunt Scooter would be the best fit for him and, after looking at the different colour variations, Luke settled on ‘Hazard Red’.

I decided to write this review for any other parents, grandparents or friends who are looking for a new scooter as Luke’s really enjoyed the Xootz Stunt Scooter and it’s really reasonably priced. If you’re interested in finding out how Luke (aged 7) has got on with the Xootz Stunt Scooter from, keep reading! 

Quick and easy to assemble

Our Xootz Stunt Scooter came after a couple of days of ordering and was very easy to assemble. All that I needed to do was attach the handlebars to the base board, which took about five minutes and then the scooter was ready to go! The instructions were very clear and the box came with the necessary tool needed to tighten up the 3-bolt tube clamp which attaches the two components together. 

The scooter isn’t heavy at all, weighing in at only 2.8kg, so it was great for me to carry up to Luke’s school when it was time to collect him. He was completely overjoyed to see his new scooter waiting for him and immediately jumped on it and started showing it off to his friends. After 5 minutes of assembly, he was ready to scoot all the way home. 

Cool, bold design 

Luke chose the colour of the Xtooz Stunt Scooter he wanted and settled on ‘Hazard Red’, which is a cool colour combo of red and light blue. There are a few different colour designs to choose from, my personal favourite being the purple, black and green design. The base board on the Hazard Red scooter has a bold skull design that is common among skateboards and other skate gear, though I do believe that the other colour variations have different base board designs. 

The Xtooz Stunt Scooter has a t-bar design that swivels 360 degrees, making it great for beginner scooters to practice basic stunts and tricks. 

Xtooz Scooter Specifications

The Xtooz Stunt Scooter from is really well made and has been specifically designed for beginners. The suggested age for this specific scooter is 6 – 12 years with a full scooter height of 75cm from top to bottom. The handlebar is set at a fixed height, however the t-bar handles swivel 360 degrees to allow for tricks and seamless scooting. Once assembled, the scooter is all 1 piece and does not fold up – this is the only con I can think of for the Xtooz Stunt Scooter, although this really isn’t much of an issue as the scooter is slim enough to be neatly put away. There’s a max user weight of 50kg, which is more than enough! 

Overall thoughts on the Xtooz Stunt Scooter 

Luke absolutely loves this scooter and has ridden it every day. Every day he scoots to school and back, but he also spends a lot of his afternoon scooting around our street as well. He’s taken it on play dates with him before and has had a go on some of the smaller ramps at the skate park as well. Considering the price, I think this is a brilliant scooter and I’d definitely recommend it for children aged 6 and up. It’s been used practically non-stop since we got it and it’s still going strong – I’d definitely buy one of these as a gift based on the experience we’ve had. 

Plus, inside the box was a sheet of stickers that Luke instantly put all over his handle bars!

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.


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