a printed version of a nature scavenger hunt rests on some grass, a few of the items have been ticked off in pencil
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Feb Half Term Scavenger Hunt – FREE PRINTABLE

We’re finally in the single digits counting down to the world’s most desperately needed half term break! I know so many parents have been struggling immense amounts with this lockdown, and my own kids have been really suffering from being cooped up doing school work all day. 

Sadly, thanks to the old Lady ‘Rona, we’re still in a national lockdown and all the usual exciting half term plans that we’d have come up with by now are completely off the table.

We’ve all spent a lot of time indoors glued to laptops for our online learning.

Luke’s been spending so much time indoors during this first term of home schooling and I have really noticed how much of a toll that’s taken on him. We have obviously been going out for walks and taking Willow the Whippet on adventures, as well as embarking on bike rides and scooter races, however it just doesn’t compare to the physical stimulation he’d get on a normal school day. There’s no brisk early morning school run, no running around a massive playground chasing kids, no walking around the school heading to and from halls and classrooms. 

Getting outside has so many benefits, so I thought I’d try and help parents like me encourage some more time in the fresh air.

I figured that other parents must be in the same boat, so I thought I’d put together a little half term scavenger hunt for children to participate in over the week. Getting outside is so good for your mental health and completing tasks like this is a fun way to boost kids self esteem, as well as helping to spread a little joy and understand the world around them a bit more. 

orange text box with black writing that reads "how to build your child's self esteem"

FREE Half term scavenger hunt printable.

If you want to try out the half term scavenger hunt with your children, just click here and print out the PDF that pops up in a new window. Feel free to share your scavenger hunt pictures with me by tagging me on Instagram (@gloryiscalling), Twitter (@gloryiscalling), and Facebook – I’d really love to see them all! 

Image of the Lukeosaurus and Me logo, the text "free scavenger hunt for kids" and a small snippet of the scavenger hunt printable on the right hand side.

Enjoying outdoor play.

After being cooped up and trapped indoors for so long, this half term nature scavenger hunt was the perfect way for us to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Since moving house, we’ve barely explored the huge amount of countryside we’ve found ourselves slap bang in the middle of, so it was definitely time to take advantage of it!

During a brief break in the rain, we headed out on our hunt to see how many items on the list we could check off.

Luke’s thoughts on the Half Term Scavenger Hunt.

Luke is 7 years old and sometimes getting him outdoors can be tricky. He’d rather sit on the sofa playing on the Switch, or watching TV. However, with the tension that’s built up during ‘school hours’, I think it’s really helpful to break up the day with some outdoor fun.

a printed version of the nature scavenger hunt is laying on some grass, some of the check boxes have been ticked in pencil

As I was printing this off in the dining room, Luke happened to walk in and his eyes grew to twice the size! He asked if it was for him and I said that it was for him and Oscar to do as soon as the weather lets up a bit. When the rain stopped, he was so eager to throw his wellies and coat on and get outside, that we actually forgot the scavenger hunt and our pencil and we had to go back home to grab them!

Luke thought that the items on the hunt were good items to try and find, especially in February. He said there were loads of birds, brown leaves and green leaves lying around – so they were easy! After all the rain we’ve had, there were plenty of (muddy!) puddles to jump in, and lots of sticks to play with too. Amazingly, he spotted a feather before we even reached the entrance to the woodland where we’d planned to go for our walk.

the nature scavenger hunt printable is being held up while a child looks at it. in the background is the forest floor

There were a few things that we missed during this first trip out. We couldn’t find a squirrel, but we had Willow the Whippet with us, so she was probably scaring them all off! We also didn’t have a chance to get into the thick of things and hunt for spiders and ants, but that’s okay because we can always continue from where we left off next time we go out!

“The scavenger hunt was really fun and I would definitely recommend it to other children that I know. I think my friends at school would love to do it.”

A toddler in a yellow coat and an older child look at the items they need to find on a nature scavenger hunt checklist. They are standing in the woods.

If you want to try out the half term scavenger hunt with your children, just click here and print out the PDF that pops up in a new window. Feel free to share your scavenger hunt pictures with me by tagging me on Instagram (@gloryiscalling), Twitter (@gloryiscalling), and Facebook – I’d really love to see them all! 

I hope you enjoy this free printable Feb Half Term Scavenger Hunt! Obviously, this little printable can be used at any time of the year, it doesn’t have to be used just in February. If you do plan on using the free scavenger hunt over the Feb half term, keep an eye out for Snowdrops – they begin to break through the icy soil in January and are in bloom until late February!

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Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.


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