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February Bucket List

How has January gone by so quickly? Seriously, where did the time go? It feels like only last week it was Christmas…

My January Bucket list was perhaps a bit ambitious but I think I did okay-ish considering some activities relied heavily on other people’s involvement (ie. giving me and Luke a lift because I’m a silly mummy and can’t drive!) I mean, upon reflection, there was a lot of stuff on the lists that I failed to do so this month, I definitely need to make sure I prioritise my time better.

Monthly Bucket List at @gloryiscalling

So here’s last months bucket list…and how I got on.

January 2016 bucket list over on

Things To Do With Luke:

  1. Go on a steam train (turns out the steam trains don’t run until Feb!)
  2. Go on more walks in the countryside (let’s say a minimum of 5?)
  3. Have an indoor picnic
  4. Make bird feeders (Desperate to do this one, so it rolls onto next month!)
  5. Have a sensory bath
  6. Play with some proper gooey slime

Me Stuff:

  1. New Blog Theme/Header/Badge (Managed the Header so far!)
  2. Sort out my very full freezer
  3. Make fresh soup with ingredients from the local market
  4. Read a minimum of 1 book(I managed to read 8!)
  5. Upload to blog twice a week (minimum)
  6. Upload to YouTube once a week (Probably on a Sunday) (Didn’t manage to post any…woops!)
  7. At least 2 date nights with the other half
  8. Book some wedding fares (eek!)(There aren’t any currently near us so it’s rolling over to next month!)


Eeek, so that was an awful month, hopefully February’s will be better. It looks as if I definitely need to prioritise more activities with Luke (or at least that ones I’ve planned!) So in order to help me keep to the list I’ve kept the numbers down a little bit this month – hopefully this will keep me focused on the activities and events I want to do with Luke and give me a little more structure to our homey days (because I make up most activities on the day with no forward planning!)

February Bucket List, monthly bucket lists at @gloryiscalling

With Luke:

Make Bird Feeders

Go On A Steam Train

Go On 3 Days Out – walks/attractions etc

Make Pancakes Together

Make Valentines Gifts/Cards

For Me:

Continue Working Out

New Blog Badge

Upload 2 YouTube Videos

Read 3 Books

Do Something That’s Out Of My Comfort Zone (uhm, why have I chosen this?!)

I will also be doing something vaguely impressive (I hope) for Valentine’s day, but that’s not really a bucket list kind of item. I’d love to know what you’re up to this month so drop me a tweet or comment!


    • I’m currently reading If I Stay and after that I’ll be reading These Broken Stars, and I also have a few I started reading but never finished! I think I should read them before I buy more books! x

  • I love the ideaof making mini monthly bucket lists. It would definitely help me achieve my longer term goals and it seems like you’ve already achieved a lot in January – thanks for sharing x

    • It’s great, just make sure you refer back about mid-month otherwise you end up forgetting about it! x

    • Yeah, it’s really useful. I just need to make sure about half way through the month I check back and see what else needs to be done! x

  • I think you have accomplished than you think. I really struggled with reading even 1 book! But I will try perhaps a very short book to get me started. Do the bird thing – it is fun – I had no idea that the little ones can be so interested in birdwatching. My boy’s school is learning about birds at the moment and he has designed his own birdhouse in the weekend. We hope to finish the real thing by this weekend. have a look here:

    • Wow, that’s awesome! I’m really desperate to do all the bird bits, I can’t wait! Thank you, I was a really slow reader at the end of December, but I’ve found since reading through January, I can read a lot faster now! xx

  • Thanks so much, I’m trying to work on pairing fonts together to make them look pretty, so that really means a lot to me! xx

  • Love the new header – it’s really nice!
    8 books? Wow now that is impressive!!
    I am still looking forward to the bird feeders so make sure this one is crossed off this month!!!!!
    I’ve started running and really enjoy it but it’s so cold may need to migrate to the gym!
    Good luck with the videos
    Thanks for joining in xxx

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