Lighting mistakes to avoid when choosing lights for your home at
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3 Things to Avoid When Lighting Your Home

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When planning the lighting in your home, you may think it is as simple as choosing your fixtures and plugging them in! However, if you want to install an effective lighting scheme, that will create the perfect atmosphere in your home, there are a lot more factors to consider. For example, there are now so many websites out there that sell lighting for your home, that it’s almost impossible to choose! Websites like Neon Mama provide hundreds of designs for you to choose from in order to give your home the perfect makeover you’re after, so it’s important to know what you like. 

To help your lighting project run as smoothly as possible, here are three things to avoid…

Lighting mistakes to avoid when choosing lights for your home at

1. Choosing the wrong bulbs

When buying light bulbs, be sure to do your research. Look into what bulbs your chosen fixtures require, the type of light you want to achieve and how energy efficient the bulbs will be. Decent LED bulbs might be more expensive initially, but they are worth the investment. This is because they are more energy efficient and can help to reduce your electricity bills.

2. Forgetting dimmer switches

Dimmer switches are a really useful addition to any lighting scheme. This is because they allow you to alter the atmosphere in the room. For example, you may wish to dim the lights for a romantic candle-lit dinner, or turn them up to their brightest level if you are working or reading.

Installing dimmer switches is simple to do and you can even sync them to your smart home technology, to adjust the lighting remotely.

3. Buying the wrong size

It is vital that you know the measurements of a room before you buy any new light fixture. For example, a chandelier style light feature may be too large for a small bedroom, but would look great in a grand entrance hallway or above a dining table.

With a little forethought and careful planning, you can use lighting to transform the most basic of spaces into a warm and comfortable atmosphere. You can even use lighting to add a little spark of personality to your home!

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