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Haze Backpack Review

As a blogger and a mother, I am always filling up a backpack ready to take out. Whether we’re adventuring on a day out, or I’m heading out with my laptop to do some writing, it’s important to me that I’ve got a bag that’s excellently made and large enough to hold all of my essentials.

When Haze got in touch with me and asked if I wanted to review one of their backpacks, I accepted their offer on the premise that I looking for something a bit less ‘mumsy’.

I definitely got what I asked for.

Haze backpack review at

My Fashion Sense

Being 26, I’m always torn between the two sides of my personality and personal fashion sense. On the one hand, I’m a mum. I love a good autumn wardrobe and a pair of Ugg boots (yes I still wear them, don’t judge!), a bright yellow rain coat etc.

However, the other side of me still longs to be the angsty alternative emo kid of my teenage years. Sometimes I am ALL about that mum life. Other times…I want something a little quirky and different.

Haze backpack review at

About Haze

Haze is a Manchester based fashion company that produces backpacks, purses, bags, clothes and accessories. Launched in 2017, Haze takes inspiration from Eastern art and design, Eastern style dragons, Taoism and symbolism. All their items are also vegan friendly, which is a big plus in my books.

Haze Dragon Backpack

The bag I received to review is the Haze Dragon Backpack Instead of using leather, Haze use high quality black neoprene which is embossed with dragon medallions. This both looks and feels great. I actually think it looks even nicer than real leather. The neoprene has a lovely finish and, thanks to the embossing, it is interesting to look at and stands out from the crowd.

The inside of my backpack also features a laptop pocket and is lined with a luxurious silky/satin fabric. This makes it absolutely perfect for throwing my laptop in and disappearing for the day to get some hardcore writing done.

It’s clear just from looking at the fabrics and materials used that a lot of love and attention to detail has gone into the creation of the bag and that I’m looking at a quality piece of fashion.

The neoprene is strong and hard-wearing, meaning it’s great for my busy life and can survive being crammed full of junk without bulging and ripping the seams. We’ve all been there; over packing our bags and just praying that all the zips close and stay closed! Thankfully, there’s no need to worry about that with the Haze backpacks as the zips are thick, strong and reinforced.

I’ve not yet tested this thoroughly, but I would imagine that the dragon backpack is also pretty water-resistant. I wouldn’t expect any bag to be fully waterproof, but thanks to the neoprene I reckon that this bag would easily withstand a walk to and from school/college/work. It was certainly able to withstand me walking around trying it out a few times and it’s photo shoot in the rain!

Haze backpack review at

Haze backpack review at

Haze backpack review at

Conscious Fashion

These bags are definitely built to last! Which is great, both for the environment and the bank balance. You may have noticed that ‘fast fashion’ is a big topic of conversation at the moment. One of the things I think we can do to help combat the effects of fast fashion is to ensure the products we spend our money on are high quality items which are made well and built to last.

There’s no point spending money on something that is going to break or fall apart a few months (or even weeks) after purchase; especially when it comes to items such as backpacks, bags and purses. It’s still possible to be fashionable and stylish while adopting the ‘slow fashion’ (or conscious fashion) movement.

Haze backpack review at

Great Statement Piece

If, like me, you still fancy yourself as a rebellious, alternative teenager, the dragon backpack from Haze would be a great statement piece. Haze products allow your personality to shine through, even when you’re rocking your kid’s worlds by letting them go feral in a wildlife park. Alternatively, this would be a great bag for college – I know that I definitely would have used it back in my college days. The laptop pocket is really useful, as are the side pockets and it’s definitely spacious enough to hold books, coursework and course materials.

*This product was sent out to me free of charge in order for me to write an honest and impartial review. I’ve not been influenced in any way – all words, photos and opinions are my own.

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