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Review: Charnos Hosiery Tights

I love a good pair of tights. I would go as far as to say that I think they are a staple of any woman’s wardrobe, definitely mine.

I’m no fashion expert, that’s for sure, this could possibly be proven by my love of wearing shorts, skirts and dresses all year round. Come rain or shine, I will get my legs out – but sometimes an outfit needs a bit of jazzing up, or sometimes it’s simply too blooming cold to go without something on your legs.

I don’t know about you, but I know that my boyfriend has been shocked by the price of some things that women end up buying, such as the price of make up and underwear – hosiery is another one of those things that can cost the Earth. Luckily, Charnos Hosiery are around to offer an affordable and wearable alternative to high fashion hosiery. This means that you get a great quality product for an affordable price.

Charnos Hosiery Review at

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Charnos Hosiery Review at

As mentioned before, I love wearing tights with both shorts and dresses, as well as the odd skirt from time to time. When I was contacted by Charnos Hosiery, I was given their SS17 look book to have a nosey through – their tights for women range is incredible  and I was awestruck by the variation of designs and styles, as well as the volume of collections. They really do seem to have a style to suit anyone and everyone.

Charnos Hosiery Review at

After having a browse through the extensive range of styles available on the Charnos Hosiery website, I fell in love with their floral collection. It was a tough choice as they have so many styles and designs to chose from, including their ‘Killer Figure’ range which offers some seriously good looking control tights. After deciding on floral, I received a few samples in the post and I put them to the test, focusing on style, comfort and sizing.

Are Charnos Hosiery Floral Net Tights Comfortable?

Sizing for tights is always difficult – I think this comes down to the design. If you’re wearing something that has a bit of netting, the fabric is a bit stretchier and I find it tends to be more comfortable and easier to wear. Tights should always be comfortable, there is absolutely nothing worse than uncomfortable tights cause you to chafe while you’re having a night out!

Charnos Hosiery Review at

Out of the three styles I got sent, two were netted. This meant they were both so comfortable for me. I love a bit of extra stretch, it comes in handy if you’re wearing tights during the day, and as a mother, I can tell you my typical day involves a lot of movement. You’ve got to be ready for whatever life throws at you, whether you’re being dragged along by a 3 year old at a car show, or playing a competitive game of Pooh Sticks, you need to be able to get around comfortably. The tights were incredibly comfortable and allowed for lots of flexibility; perfect for busy mums like me.


They were easy to put on (none of that tricky hopping around) and due to the nature of the design, there was no chance of creating an accidental ladder in the tights – no tights with holes in over here! I’m not the slimmest girl in the world and I found that the M/L fitted me nicely, with plenty of room to stretch.

As you can see, I teamed these black floral tights from Charnos Hosiery with some washed out shorts and my scruffy Old-skool Low Top Vans for a casual, summer look – don’t forget that perfect pair of sunglasses to finish off the look! I do love a good tights and shorts look! I must admit, although I am far from model material, I really love the look of these tights and they will definitely carry me through the rest of the year.

My Thoughts

The design is great and could be used in this way, or teamed up with a lovely dress if you’re off on a night out and the tights are really comfortable and allow for lots of flexibility. Overall, a big thumbs up from me.

Charnos Hosiery Review at

Are Charnos Hosiery Black Floral Tights Comfortable?

The other pair of tights I received were more your traditional style. The black floral tights had a beautiful, almost paisley pattern incorporated into them, which I thought would look really nice if you were heading for a night out.

Charnos Hosiery Review at

I decided to pair these tights with a burgundy coloured dress (very similar to this one) that I bought for my boyfriend’s Christmas work-do back in December and some black ankle boots.

With this style of tight, there is a less less ‘extra give’ in comparison to the net tights. There’s also the possibility of creating holes and ladders when trying to put them on! But I did find them comfortable and I managed to put them on without doing the one legged dance around the bathroom. Having said that, I’d say these ones weren’t quite as comfortable as the other ones, but that is mostly to due with the sizing.

Charnos Hosiery Review at


The netted tights from Charnos Hosiery allowed for a lot more flexibility; after all, the material is stretchy and netted! These ones are a bit tighter due to the fabric. Although they were still very comfortable, if I were to purchase them, I’d go for the next size up to allow for a slightly looser fit between the thighs. All the tights I received were sized M/L, so if you have a bit of a chunky thigh or a big bum like me (nothing at all wrong with that, ladies!), it’s worth bearing that in mind when choosing your style of tights.


Again, I really like this style of tights; I think the design is really lovely and works well with a variety of styles. I’d recommend Charnos Hosiery for their huge range in styles and comfort of their tights.

I also received a pair of Charnos Hosiery’s Natural Diamond Net Tights, which again fit excellently and are incredibly comfortable. It’s always great to have a mixture of colours and styles in your wardrobe to mix and match and help bring some extra flare to any outfit, whether it be casual, for work, or for a night out.

Charnos Hosiery Review at

**I was sent a selection of Charnos Hosiery tights to review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.**

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Charnos Hosiery Review at


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