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Homemade Bookmarks (Kids Make and Bake Club)


I am part of a fabulous YouTube collaboration called the Kids Make And Bake Club. We bring you videos every Monday of our little crafters and bakers doing what they do best, in hopes that you too can get crafting and baking with your kids. You can read all the details about the YouTube channel over on the introductory post and head to the Kids Make and Bake YouTube channel to view other great videos – don’t forget to subscribe and like any videos that appeal to you!

Luke is the youngest (21 months) of all the little ones who participate in the Kids Make and Bake Club, so expect some easy, simple and fool-proof crafts from us that will get you and your toddler creating memories!

Kids Make And Bake Club YouTube Channel

Home Made Bookmarks

This Monday, it is mine and Luke’s turn to create some masterpieces for your viewing pleasure! We have been busy  using our fabulous stickers and a few brightly coloured felt pens to make these simple, yet lovely home made bookmarks.

These little gems are gorgeous and are, as you’ve seen, so easy to make! They make excellent gifts (we gave these to super book buff step-daddy for Father’s Day), wonderful bookmarks for yourself, or even for your kiddo’s books!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our video! If you want to see more of mine and Luke’s adventures, you can visit our YouTube channel for a few vlogs. Don’t forget to head to The Kids Make and Bake Club on YouTube – like our video and subscribe to the channel.

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.


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