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How to Make Money When Travelling Across the Globe

While the threat of further coronavirus outbreaks and lockdowns remains omnipresent across the globe, for now, countries worldwide are reopening their borders.

Although a growing number of people may now be looking to book some indefinite leave and embark on an exotic trip overseas, it’s important that travellers are able to earn some additional cash and boost their income while abroad.

In this post, we’ll look at the various ways in which you can make money while travelling abroad, while asking which option is right for you.

chairs near body of water
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#1. Freelancing

The gig economy continues to double in size in the UK, accounting for more than 4.7 million workers overall. If you’re part of this and work as a freelancer, you could deploy your skills abroad to earn money during your travels.

Sure, you’ll need to pack a laptop and try to make the most of effective broadband connections where you can (particularly when traveling to some locations), while we’d also recommend creating a clearly defined schedule that doesn’t cause too much disruption to your itinerary.

This can certainly be rewarding, while it’s also an earning option that enables you to leverage an existing skillset with the minimum of fuss. Helping to write and edit essay papers, virtual assistance, and social media management are all great freelancing jobs.

#2. Get a Job in Your Destination Country

This is another interesting, albeit time-consuming, option, and one that allows you to undertake manual jobs as you travel from one country to another.

If you travel to popular tourist destinations, your best bet may well be to seek out work in a bar or restaurant. Such jobs can usually be done overseas without too much experience, while remuneration will vary depending on exactly where you are.

If you have experience as a teacher, you could also utilise this to teach English in regions such as Southeast Asia.

Remember, English is the second-most spoken language in the world, so there remains a huge demand for this particular skill in developing countries across the globe.

#3. Trading and Investing

The issue with the first options on our list is that freelancing and gaining employment aren’t necessarily ideal in some instances, primarily because they aren’t passive and command a huge amount of time.

However, a passive income alternative exists in the form of trading and investment, plus it’s more viable than ever thanks to our super fast and connected digital age. 

Because of this, you can use the MT4 web trader to start trading quickly and remotely, while accessing intuitive analytical tools and technical indicators to make the most informed decisions possible.

Forex is ideal for travelers, and not only because they’re used to exchanging international currencies! In fact, you can trade forex with a relatively small amount of money, while leveraging a responsible amount of leverage to open and control disproportionately large positions.

#4. Lease your house

If you own your own home, you’re pretty much sitting on a gold mine. Renting your house out to tenants whilst you’re away is a great way to ensure you have a regular passive income. Combined with the tips above, making money and staying financially stable is totally possible whilst you travel. Some landlords worry about what may happen if their tenants suddenly stop paying rent – especially if they’re traveling or unable to deal with the tenants directly. The AMS Housing Group offers a Guarenteed Rent scheme that offers just that – guaranteed rent! By effectively taking the place of the ‘tenant’, the AMS Housing Group then sub-lets to vetted tenants, thus ensuring that you always get your rent on time, every month.

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