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Cost-effective Improvements For Your Family Home

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Once you’ve managed the not-so-easy task of finding and securing a house, the next step is turning it into a true family home. These days, for many people starting on the property ladder, that can mean an awful lot of work. With plenty of buyers taking on ‘project’ homes in order to stay within their budget, the world of home improvements, décor and DIY is bigger than ever.

Of course, with the graft comes great reward. You get to develop the property to your liking so it feels like your home rather than just a house, plus you’ll be adding significant value to the property should you ever come to sell. Fundamentally, you’re looking to make improvements that improve your lifestyle as well as your finances.

So, if there were three cost-effective home improvements to make, what would they be?

Install a new boiler

Now, if you’ve grimaced at the sight of this suggestion, that’s understandable. New boilers are expensive and, quite frankly, boring, however, they are an incredibly sensible investment for those looking to regulate their finances in the long run.

Yes, the initial outlay is significant. The Heating Hub suggests a new boiler costs anywhere from £600-£850 for a budget option right up to £2,000 for a premium model, with installation costs potentially even higher than the unit itself. However, depending on the age and efficiency of your current boiler, there’s the potential to save hundreds on utilities each year with a new A-rated model.

Long term savings aren’t the only benefit. With a new boiler, you have smart energy use and reliable performance, meaning no unexpected breakdowns, emergency repair costs and cold winter nights for you and the family. 

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Give your garden a makeover

An overhaul of your garden area offers a host of potential benefits for you, your family and your bank account.

Property Price Advice suggests that a well-maintained garden could add as much as 20% to the value of your home.

But, putting the money aside, a good garden is a wonderful addition to any home. A place as much for you to enjoy as for the kids to explore and play, you can create a wealth of family memories. Also, if you’re into your gardening, you can make the development process a passion project rather than a laborious chore.

Convert your loft/add an extra bedroom

If you’re looking to add value indoors, the natural option is to add an extra bedroom. Of course, you might just need to make space for a new arrival to the family, but the practical benefits are matched by the projected financial gain on your home. Ideal Home recently offered some stunning figures on the extra value a bedroom offers, suggesting some homeowners in the North could double their property’s sale price.

If you have no room to expand your current home, why not utilise the loft space? Live in Lofts make your home bigger, and also increases the value of your home.

converted loft space full of shelves of books and records

While this seems a little sensational, tacking value onto your home’s asking price is easily achievable with a second, third or even fourth bedroom. Likewise, if you have a loft area, going to waste, it makes a lot of sense to make something of it.

More rooms to enjoy, more space to live in and a further opportunity to enhance your assets, the extra bedroom is the staple choice for those looking to make a significant home improvement.

Needless to say, these are only three suggestions among many that could take your property to the next level. All three offer significant potential gain in terms of both finances and lifestyle, making them a great starting block for anyone looking to make additions to their family home.

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