How to make new candles from old candle wax from

How To: The Easy Way To Make New Candles From Old Candles

I’ve always thought there must be a way to do something with all that left over candle wax you get stuck with after the wick refuses to light any more. Especially when I’ve paid a decent amount of money on a “posh” candle, like Yankee Candles. Well now there is!

Make brand new beautiful candles from your old bits of candle wax. Perfect home made gifts that are easy and cheap to make!

How to make new candles from old candle wax from

Re-purposing old candle wax and making beautiful, new, scented candles is a very easy and relatively quick process – the longest part is waiting for all the wax to set.

When making these candles, it’s worth noting that if your previous candle was scented, you probably won’t want to add any scents to the wax, however, if you fancy jazzing up some plain old church style candles or tea lights, it’s easy and cheap to do, so don’t worry.

Firstly, take all your old wax and think about what you want your candle to look like. If you want to mix all the wax together and hope for a nice colour, go crazy. But if you want a smarter presentation, if for example, you’re making a cheap gift for someone, it’s possible to layer the different coloured wax. In order to create layers in the candle, you must separate the different coloured waxes.

How To:

Pop your wax in a pan, try to crumble the pieces up as small as possible. Remove the left over wick and wick holder. It’s time to make a new one! To do this, you can either purchase wicks and wick holders, or you can get some twine and a weight to ensure it stays at the bottom of the glass jar. For my weight, I tied the string around a left over screw; you could use a paper clip, a drawing pin, a nail…anything you don’t mind losing.

Use a screw instead of a wick holder when creating new candles from old candles at

Melt the wax on the lowest heat possible and give it a stir until all the wax has completely melted. You need to take your twine and weight and dunk it into the melted wax, then place the weight in the middle of your candle jar and support the wick with two straws/pencils/kebab sticks, whatever you have to hand.

The easy way to make new candles from old candle wax, the perfect gift from

Slowly pour the melted wax into the jar. Make sure you cover the wick with wax as you pour too. The more wax on your string, the better!

Note: If you want to add a scent to your wax, now is the time to add a few drops of oil. You can use essential oil if you like, I used Burner oil.

Leave everything alone to set! If you’re making layered candles, be sure to let the layers fully set before adding another layer.

The easiest way to make new candles from old candles at

Leave a small amount of wax in the pan to ‘top up’ your candle after everything has set. Once the layers have set, there will be a small dip around the wick and that’s why we need this wax.

The easiest way to make home made candles by using old candle wax up at

Now you need to decide whether you’re going to keep the candle in the jar/container that you made it in, or if you’re going to take it out.

Note: Remember what type of wax you’re using! Normal wax from tea lights/cheap scented candles/pillar candles will form a pool of melted wax when burning and needs to be able to flow down the candle, otherwise the wick will go out.

If you want to remove the candle from the container, tip it upside down and it should slide out. If it needs extra persuasion, gentle bang the container on the work surface. If that still doesn’t work, try placing your candle in the freezer for a few minutes and then try again.

If you used old Yankee Candle wax or similar, you do not need to remove it from the container unless you want to.

The best way to make new candles using old candle wax, the perfect home made gift. From

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