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Mumma’s New Handbag!

New Handbag // Mona Bags //

Eeek, my forever faithful Primarni handbag recently broke. I was devastated! I really loved my old, tarnished and slightly scuffed Primark bag – it had perfect pockets and zips, it was pretty much the only handbag that never started to get weird fluffy bits at the bottom and it was such a lovely colour. I just really loved it. The details on it were lovely too

It was only a Primark handbag, I know. But, the show must go on, therefore – I must buy a new handbag!

In town there are some stalls that are occasionally dotted around selling all sorts of things. I kinda love them.

And there it was. Standing there in all it’s shiny, leather-smelling goodness: the handbag stall.

I require a rather large handbag as, not only do I carry a hefty amount of crap around with me, I also need to carry Luke’s bits with me. I need enough room for nappies and wipes, drink bottles, stickers, snacks and his favourite toy, as well as room for my diary, phone, keys, water, perfume etc etc. You get the picture.

We were having a little peroozle around the stall and then James did it – he spoke to the ever lingering-too-close sales assistant and said we were looking for a new bag that needed to be fairly big.

As it turns out, the woman did hand me a bag that I pretty much instantly fell in love with. It is a fairly large, black Moda hand bag. The bag is not real leather, and is in fact PU – pretty much the closest man made material that replicates the texture of genuine leather. I think I am okay with this. From looking at it, you can’t tell it’s not real leather and as much as I love leather, I do get that twang of guilt when buying it.

New Handbag // Mona Bags //

Moda I think isn’t anything special – I think they are a wholesalers and make affordable but fashionable bags. Probably still a step up from my Primark bag. I bought it for £30.

The lining is a really bright, shocking pink and the hardware is all gold coloured – so it does contrast nicely with the black. There’s a middle pocket and an inside pocket on one of the sides (that’s going to be mummy’s side) and on the other side there’s little pouches that are perfect for stickers and snacks. There’s also a long strap for wearing off the shoulder.

I am looking forward to wearing this baby out over the course of my baby-free weekend and also seeing how it handles when it’s full of toddler bits.

Sometime in the near future I am thinking of doing a “What’s In My Handbag” post – so keep your eye’s peeled for that one. I know I love them, but I am a really nosey person. I would really love to vlog it, but I am not sure if that’s going to be possible any time soon!

New Handbag // Mona Bags //

I do apologise for the photography in this post, I had to quickly take a few snaps on my phone between errands. 

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