To My Little Boy: When Did You Grow Up? // Toddler Playing Ukulele  //
Hello, loves.
Luke is officially 19 months old TODAY. 
I make that time for It’s The Little ThingsA series of magical and yet, probably ordinary things that make me gush and make my heart threaten to burst out with joy. 

Luke has been such a chatter box today, it’s crazy! When did my little baby go from gurgling and spitting up down my back to talking? All day he has been saying “who dat?”and “whats dat?” and it is kind of freaking adorable, folks. I still melt when he picks up my phone (more often than not) or his toy phone and starts talking into it and saying “hi”. It’s so high pitched and cute and glorious! Can you tell I am a first time mum?

I cannot wait for him to learn more words and sentences, his voice is adorable. It’s weird… hearing a voice for the first time. Obviously I have heard his voice, but…his voice talking!! Making real words. Forming sentences.

When I was pregnant, I always wanted to know what he’d look like. What colour would his eyes be? Would he have hair like mine, or hair like his dad’s? Would he inherit my pixie ears?

Not once did I stop and think about what he would sound like.

And that’s a shame, because he sounds adorable. But I suppose it makes everything that little bit more exciting, because it was something I never even thought about and then…it suddenly started happening! My mind is blown, I am having a real Proud Mummy moment. I am gushing, I am going “Hey, hey Jay, did you hear that, yeah?” every time Luke speaks. It’s so often now and so focused. He knows what he’s saying and why and he’s talking in mini sentences, whereas before it was just “hi” and “fish”.

I made this little boy. Who, incidentally, isn’t so little anymore. He’s tall! He’s really tall! When did he stop fitting in my lap? I made a small human – I made him and he was tiny and helpless and now he’s running and shouting and talking and singing.

I am so excited to start having conversations with my little man. I know most of you will say, “Oh it’ll get annoying…just wait for the ‘mum’, ‘mum’, ‘mum’ constantly.” I know I will get to that stage. I know that I will get irritated occasionally.

But for now, I truly and honestly cannot wait to be able to communicate on a whole new level with my baby.

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