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Review: Appleyard London Seasonal Flower Subscription Service

I am a true lover of autumn and winter. I love the cosy nights in, I love the crisp autumn walks and the smell of Christmas filling my flat from the plethora of scented candles I light. However, sometimes the winter months can be difficult to cope with. If you’re anything like me, you may experience SAD’s and find yourself having to ensure you’ve got spare time to put some real effort into self-care.

Fresh Flowers Always Cheer Me Up!

One of the things that always cheers me up when I’m feeling down in the dumps, is a fresh bouquet of flowers. During the bad days, when I’m feeling particularly blue and over tired, a big, bright, colourful bouquet in the middle of the table gives me a real pick me up and the motivation to get up and get going. Having a gorgeous set of fresh flowers makes your living environment feel bright and clean, which in turn helps my brain to feel less chaotic and function without so much anxiety. Plus, they also look ‘blooming’ gorgeous!

Appleyard London Seasonal Subscription Service at

Appleyard London Seasonal Subscription Service

I recently received one of Appleyard London’s bouquets from the Seasonal Subscription service they provide as I have been toying with the idea of gifting someone a flower subscription. The flowers from Appleyard London have vastly brightened up my living room and improved my mood. It’s like having a little vase of happiness on the living room table. It got me thinking that if I enjoy having this little bit of colour and happiness, the people I love probably would too. How perfect would a flower subscription be for Christmas?

The bouquet I currently have is the Christmas Chutney bouquet which is part of the Lux collection. This collection starts from £26 a month and provides a sophisticated and expertly designed bouquet that suits any home decor.

The other seasonal option for December is the Festive Punch bouquet from the Classic collection, which costs £22 a month. The freshest of flowers are wonderfully arranged to capture the change of seasons and colours, bringing a glorious seasonal scent to your home each month.

Appleyard London Seasonal Subscription Service at

I am so obsessed with the bouquet that I received because it encapsulates Christmas so well. I really love the big, colourful blooms and the gorgeous seasonal scent that fills the room thanks to these flowers. The berries just scream Christmas to me, as well as the gold accents that run through the flower arrangement. If you sign up to the Appleyard London flower subscription service, you’ll receive this set of flowers for your December delivery if you have selected the Lux collection.

A Very Thoughtful Gift

Now with Christmas coming up, I have been thinking about gifting the subscription service to one of my loved ones. Flowers are such a lovely way to touch base with the people you care about and it’s always a great way of gifting a little bit of happiness. Fresh flowers on the table really lift the spirits, I can testify to that, so I think that this would be the perfect gift for loved ones, especially parents or grandparents. Wouldn’t it be exciting to see what the month’s blooms are and fill your home with their seasonal scents and colours?

Pricing & Delivery

The Appleyard Flower Subscription Service starts from £22 for the Classic collection, £26 for the Lux collection and gets you a new set of blooms straight to your door every month. Your stunning bouquets, which captures the season perfectly, are delivered to your doorstep in accordance with your subscription delivery and duration dates.

If paying monthly doesn’t work for you, there are other subscription options available: prepaid plans for 12 months, 6 months and 3 months. Appleyard London seem to appreciate that life has it’s little hang ups and not everything is linear, so if your loved ones or yourself are going away on holiday for example, Appleyard London can pause the subscription for you until you get back.

Appleyard London Seasonal Subscription Service at

The Sort Of Gift You Give To Someone You Really Care About

Gifting a flower subscription services to someone is a gorgeous idea and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It is the sort of gift you’d give to someone you really care about, like your mum or your grandparents and I’d love it if one day my kids were to gift me an Appleyard London seasonal subscription. When choosing the flowers, there is the option to add a personalised message with a 250 character limit, just to add an even more personal touch. If you’re think about Christmas time and maybe looking to show someone just how much they mean to you, I would definitely suggest Appleyard’s seasonal subscription service!

*Appleyard Flowers sent me one of their Lux collection bouquets in order for me to write about my experience honestly. All words and photos are my own.

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