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Activity & Craft: Autumn Nature Collage

Around mid-October, we ventured into the woods with two missions to accomplish. One: to find The Gruffalo and all his woodland friends. Two: to collect as many colourful fallen autumn leaves and pinecones as we could.

I’m pleased to say, we achieved everything we set out to.

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We collected all of our leaves in the basket of our Jane Epic travel system; it’s seriously the best buggy/pushchair for uneven terrain and I really recommend it if you’re an outdoorsy kind of family. Luckily for Luke, the carry basket on the Jane Epic is also rather spacious – perfect for filling with lots of twigs, leaves and fircones that we could do some autumn crafts with later.

Autumn Nature Collage at

When we got home, out came the PVA and some cardboard. One of the benefits of being a blogger is getting blogger mail, which means there’s usually several cardboard boxes laying around. Most of them go to the tip, but my son has an obsession with squirrelling away boxes for craft projects so there’s normally a hoard behind his bedroom door!

The premise is simple: go outside, explore, adventure, collect autumn treasures and be creative.

Once you’ve collected your autumn treasures, lay out a messy mat, a nice big piece of card or cardboard and get ready to make a stunning autumn collage.

Autumn Nature Collage at

Luke did this beautiful autumn craft with his step daddy and they talked loads about the different shapes and colours of the leaves they’d collected together. They also discussed different types of trees and the types of cones they were finding on the forest floor.

It’s nice to watch my boys bond over something creative and crafty for once, as usually they’re shooting each other with Nerf Guns or play fighting! Luke is so into his art and being creative and I think it’s wonderful that Mikey accepts and encourages this. If your child has a passion, they should definitely be allowed and encouraged to pursue it without adults manipulating them towards something else.

Autumn Nature Collage at

Autumn crafts are great for children because it encourages them to get outside and collect fallen leaves and materials and then enables them to use their imaginations. All the while, they’re learning about the world, about trees, wildlife, the UK countryside and exercise.

So this autumn, why don’t you head outside and see what autumn treasures you can find! It’s a great morning or afternoon activity and a fabulous way of getting the kids outside and enjoying nature.

Autumn Nature Collage at


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