White house with front porch surrounded by autumn leaves for a post on seasonal porch decoration ideas.
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How To Decorate Your Front Porch Seasonally

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I do love a house with a good front porch, don’t you? Having a front porch is something that really appeals to me and when the time comes for Mikey and I to finally buy our dream family home, one of the improvements we will be making is to add a front porch (assuming the house we choose doesn’t already have one). There’s something about the way they look that appeals to me, not to mention the huge practical elements that come with having one.

The benefits of having a front porch.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a home with a front porch, or you’re in the market to have a porch added onto your home, you’ll know there are tonnes of benefits for having one. The advantages range from bringing lots of extra natural lighting into your home to giving you more security and space. In a family home, who doesn’t want more security and more space?

I love some good seasonal porch decorations!

I have to admit that one of the things that makes me feel a bit giddy about owning a home with a front porch is being able to decorate it seasonally. Yes, I’m one of those people! I think decorating your porch can make your house feel much more homely and welcoming. It’s a space that you can use practically, but also use as a way of expressing yourself as the seasons come and go.

White house with front porch surrounded by autumn leaves for a post on seasonal porch decoration ideas.

How to decorate your front porch seasonally.

I’m known for having autumn displays as soon as September hits, so this sort of thing is right up my street. I love changing the decor of my home as the seasons change but I will admit that sprucing up the whole house can be costly, not to mention time consuming. The beauty of decorating your porch seasonally is that it is inexpensive, takes a lot less time and you only need to alter one small area of your home each time. Here are my tips for decorating your front porch seasonally.

Decorating your front porch for spring.

Nothing helps to cut through the doom and gloom of the spring mornings quite like a pop of colour. A great way of brightening up your porch area is to buy or pick (from your own garden) some spring blooms and blossoms. Instagram is awash with pink cherry blossoms in vintage jars and vases during the spring months. They re do look nice and cheerful! Hanging some inspirational prints on the walls as well as decorating with some homemade pastel coloured garlands (pom pom garlands, tassel garlands etc) is an inexpensive way to brighten up the space and prepare it for spring. Don’t forget your spring bulbs either! They smell amazing and can be hung in hanging baskets or put in window boxes, depending on the type of front porch you have. 

If live flowers aren’t your cup of tea, there are loads of inexpensive spring garlands* available on places like Amazon.

Decorating your front porch for summer.

Summer is about bright, bold colourful flora and fauna. I am a huge fan of hanging baskets, so placing one or two of these would be my first decoration to add. You can buy ready made hanging baskets that have all the flowers and soil included, or pick and choose the types of flowers and colours that appeal to you. Don’t forget to try and help the bees out by choosing something that’s especially tempting for them! If hanging baskets aren’t an option, big wide flower tubs also look classy and elegant. Budget shoppers, or those who like something a little different, will be pleased to know that planting flowers in old Wellington boots or used tin cans is also a very cute, shabby chic way to decorate your porch in the summer months. Just make sure you keep your flowers all watered as they will start to wilt quickly in the summer heat! 

Fake flowers are also an option! They don’t require any effort from you except arranging them in a way you see fit. Don’t forget to welcome your visitors with a nice summery door mat too!

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Decorating your front porch for autumn.

It’s no secret that autumn is my favourite season, so I’d really go mad on the porch decorations during these months. I’m talking autumn wreaths, sunflowers, bowls of chestnuts and let’s not forget the pumpkins! You could even go the whole hog and get yourself a bubbling witches cauldron powered by dry ice! It’s also the time of year for candles and fairy lights, so get decorating!

Decorating using nature materials is also a cheap and fun way of getting the children involved in the decorating process. Head out into the woods and collect conkers, pine cones and autumn leaves. You could even get the kids to make a nice autumn nature collage for you to display.

Decorating your front porch for winter. 

Obviously in winter, you’ll probably find most of your porch decorations are Christmas themed. Porches are a great place to hang outside Christmas lights from. You can also hang a luxury Christmas wreath and show off your festive spirit to all your neighbours. As well as the usual Christmas decorations, I also love a big, colourful bouquet of flowers.

Ultimately, however you choose to decorate your porch is up to you. Some people like adhere to the ‘less is more’ concept of decor, whereas others face seasonal decorations head on! If you’re looking for other ways to jazz.up your home seasonally, I wrote about The Best Seasonal Home Scents For Autumn and Winter which may interest you! 

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