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The Benefits of Forest School for Children

Time outdoors can prove to be extremely beneficial for children as they have the opportunity to make their own discoveries about the world, develop confidence and work on their physical capabilities. Many schools have come to realise this and have made it an integral part of their lessons. “Forest schools” as they are called, promote self-directed learning, and look at development holistically. If you would like to learn more about these benefits, take a look at the ones below which were shared with us by a private nursery in Hampshire.

Physical Development

Unlike in the classroom, there are much more opportunities to learn and develop. Children can climb, run, jump and push themselves physically as they are not restricted. This develops the larger muscles of the body, found in the forearms and legs.

Mental Health

There’s no better way to clear your mind than to spend some time outside. This is also true scientifically speaking. Research shows that the colour green calms us and is what we see all around us when outdoors. There is also the fact that exercise releases endorphins. These are “feel good” chemicals that reduce stress and make us feel happier within ourselves. In a study looking at two groups, it was also found that those who spent more time outdoors were happier than those who didn’t.


Children are also able to work on their social skills as outdoor activities lend themselves better to tasks involving group work. 

Problem Solving

As it’s up to the children themselves to explore the outdoors, they are likely to come across problems that they need to work through. The situations can bring out their problem-solving ability and help them to strengthen the skills.

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