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Tips For Choosing The Best Kitchen Worktop For Your Home

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Renovating or updating your house is one of the most exciting parts of homeownership! The freedom to create a space that is truly yours and exudes personality and character is such a satisfying feeling, and one that many people will have worked extremely hard to experience.

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, which makes it an ideal place to start when renovating. Kitchen worktops are a defining design feature in any kitchen. Not only are they a design statement, but they must also be functional and hardwearing. The worktops will likely be the focal point of the whole kitchen, so it’s important that you think carefully about the style, colour, and materials when designing your new kitchen surfaces. 

If you’re struggling to make a decision choosing the best kitchen worktop for your home, this blog post could be the helping hand you need. We’re sharing kitchen worktop tips and tricks to think about when it comes to designing your kitchen, so let’s get into it.

photo of kitchen interior
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As with any big project, having a firm grasp of your budget is paramount. There are no two ways about it, if you’re renovating or designing a brand new kitchen, you’re going to need to invest in good, hardwearing kitchen worktops. Yes, they’re an expensive component, but do bear in mind that they’re always on display, they’re used daily, and they have to be able to withstand the chaos of kitchen antics, including heat, spilled drinks, and staining! Understanding your budget is the first step to creating a stunning kitchen, the next is thinking about colour choices.


We’ve established that kitchen worktops are a huge focal point in any kitchen. They’re one of the first things that are seen upon entering the kitchen and they set the tone for the rest of the kitchen’s design. Choosing the right coloured worktop for your home is important. As you can imagine, a kitchen with very little natural light would probably benefit from a lighter coloured worktop, as opposed to a dark colour, as that would create a gloomy, bleak atmosphere. Your colour choices will also correspond to the type of theme you’re planning to create with your kitchen, for example, do you want a modern kitchen or a traditional cottage style kitchen?

Materials and Aesthetics

Now here’s the fun part! Once you’ve established whether you’re looking for light or dark coloured materials, it’s time to start looking at styles of worktop. This will probably be linked to your budget as some materials are more costly than others, however, don’t feel disheartened as there are so many worktop materials to choose from, including wooden worktops, quartz worktops, slate, glass, concrete, granite worktops, and many more. 

Think about the style of kitchen worktop you’re looking to install. Are you looking for a worktop that includes natural stone veins, worktops with flecks or sparkles in it, or a worktop that’s a bit more plain? 

You also need to consider the type of usage your kitchen worktops will get. Wooden worktops are beautiful to look at, however, they are definitely prone to water damage. Granite and quartz worktops are extremely hard wearing and are able to take hot pans and resist scratching. The thickness of the worktop will also determine the ‘feel’ of your kitchen. Thinner worktops give off a sleek, modern vibe, whereas thicker worktops complement a more traditional setting. 

Take away

As with any large home renovation project, there are lots of things to think about. Replacing your kitchen worktops is an expensive project, so ensure that you take your time when making decisions and don’t rush anything. Consider all your options and get samples to help you decide which material and style is the best fit for your new kitchen. 

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