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Homemade is always better, right? That’s what we teach our children anyway. We tell them that drawing thank you cards and making presents has more meaning behind it than buying the first thing we see in the shop. As an adult, I think that rings true and we should lead by example. With that in mind, I started to think about some cheap and easy homemade stocking fillers that I, I mean Father Christmas, might want to put in Luke’s stocking this year – that is assuming he’s been a good boy! Here are some of the ideas I came up with.

Most of the bits and bobs needed to create these, I already have lying around. For things that might not be readily available, I’ve linked them to Amazon as that’s the cheapest place I could find. Please bear in mind these are affiliate links. That means that if you do end up buying something I have linked to, I get literally pennies from your purchase, with no extra cost to you.

Shop Materials In This Post

Here’s a good selection of cellophane bags, glass jars, paper bags, twine, gift tags, brown pipe cleaners, christmas cookies cutters, beads, alphabet beads and plastic pots.

Here are 10 ideas for homemade children’s stocking fillers.

Cookie In A Jar

This can be made one of two ways. You can either buy a pre-made cookie mix and empty it into the jar, or you can use a recipe and separate the layers neatly. Aesthetically speaking, I think seeing the separate layers is nicer, but if you’re not a big baker or you don’t have the ingredients, a cookie mix from a packet will do! Add the DRY ingredients to the jar and tie a cute little label around the lid. The label needs to include measurements for any additional ingredients you need, such as oil or butter, and the cooking instructions. Either use a large recycled jar, or buy a cheap glass jar (after all, you can always reuse it!)

Hot Chocolate Rudolph

In a cellphone cone, measure out three of four teaspoons of your kid’s favourite hot chocolate power. Next, add a few mini marshmallows and/or a little chocolate flake. Tie the bag up with twine and add some googly eyes and a red Pom Pom. A brown pipe cleaner makes excellent reindeer antlers – lo and behold, you’ve got a hot chocolate Rudolph. This one also makes the perfect Christmas Eve box filler.

DIY Christmas Stocking Fillers For Kids at https://lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

Photo credit: clareslittletots.co.uk

Playdough Kit

Add a bit of Christmas magic to my traditional homemade playdough recipe. You could add ground cinnamon or any other Christmassy spices to the mix, or you could use a drop or two of essential oils. You can use good quality food colouring to make it green, red, gold or extra white like snow. You could even add some glitter to the mix. Once you’ve got your playdough made, roll it into a ball and pop it either in a small tub or a bag with some little playdough accessories. Small match sticks, beads, Christmas cookie cutters and painted pasta shapes are all good play dough additions.

Christmas Slime Pot

Everyone loves slime right? Make up a batch of slime and add some extra Christmas magic by using glitter and gel food colouring and then store in an airtight container.

Friendship Bracelet Kit

Using brown paper bags or plastic container to keep these safe and neat in the stocking is a great environmentally friendly way of gifting these cute little kits. Friendship bracelets are easy to make and the only material you may need to invest in is thread.

DIY Christmas Stocking Fillers For Kids at https://lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

Photo credit: www.lifeunexpected.co.uk

Busy Bags

If you’ve not used busy bags before, you’re missing a great parenting trick! Not only do they keep the kids entertained for a little while (perfect for the Christmas day lull), but they’re also educational.

Homemade Fudge

Who doesn’t like fudge? Well did you know it is really easy to make AND you can make it in the slow cooker! Follow my homemade fudge recipe and decorate with Christmas themed sprinkles, marshmallows or any other topping you like. Cut the fudge into little cubes and stack them in little glass jar.

DIY Christmas Stocking Fillers For Kids at https://lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

Homemade Chocolates

You could either choose to make some Christmas bark, or you could buy some Christmas themed silicone moulds and make some yummy Christmas chocolate shapes. You could even jazz the chocolates up with flavourings, like this Oreo & Peppermint Christmas bark.

Reindeer Poop (Chocolate Raisins)

One packet of chocolate covered raisins, decanted into a jar or tub. Add a cute reindeer label and you’ve got yourself some reindeer poop!

Personalised Key Ring

These are really cute and easy to make and my biggest boy loves his. You could either supply it as a kit for them to make themselves (a little adult help may be needed to tie it all off at the end) or you could make it and pop it in the stocking for them. Buy some keyring ends, small ribbon, coloured beads and name beads and get threading.


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10 DIY Christmas Stocking Fillers For Kids at https://lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

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