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12 Printable Halloween Jokes For Kids

One of the wonderful things about Halloween is that, although it is traditionally a gruesome holiday, it doesn’t have to be. Younger children or kids with a sensitive disposition may not be terribly into the idea of blood and gore, and that’s totally okay! Sometimes it’s fun to keep things light and entertaining – hence these printable Halloween jokes for kids! 

How To Use Printable Halloween Jokes For Kids

If you want to add some spooktacular entertainment to your Halloween evening, why not print out some of the best Halloween jokes around? 

These printable Halloween jokes for kids have been created especially for children looking to brighten up their Halloween festivities with some fun and laughter. 

There are lots of ways to use these printable Halloween jokes for kids, but here are just a few examples of ways that we have used them in the past.

  • Homemade Halloween crackers (like Christmas crackers, but for Halloween)
  • Adding them to Halloween party bags
  • Including them in the kid’s lunchboxes

Want to know how to make the most of these printable Halloween jokes for kids? Let’s take a look at some of the fantastic ways they can be used.

Homemade Halloween Crackers

Halloween crackers are just like homemade Christmas crackers – only they’re usually orange! Instead of Santa, these bad boys are decorated with witch hats, skulls, and bats. They’re really easy to make and they’re the perfect vessel to hold your printable Halloween jokes for kids.

All you need to do in order to make your own Halloween themed crackers is some toilet roll tubes, some wrapping paper (brown paper and paint is a great way to make them look Halloween themed), and some ribbons/pens for decoration. If you want to make it more authentic, you can also purchase cracker snaps to ensure that they go BANG when pulled! 

Simply cut out a strip of wrapping paper that’s longer than your toilet roll tube and wrap it around the tube, using glue dots or hot glue to hold it all in place. Twist one end of the paper and tie some ribbon around. Insert your printable Halloween jokes for kids into the other end of the cracker and add a small toy if you like. Seal up the other end and you’re done! 

Halloween Party Bags

Who doesn’t love a good Halloween party? As I mentioned earlier, there’s no rule that says Halloween parties have to be scary – in fact, some can be quite cute! You can easily decorate your home for Halloween with some cute and easy DIY Halloween decor items and put on a spread of tasty Halloween themed food. Halloween parties can be cheap to throw and they’re great fun for school aged children. As with most kid’s parties, you can’t go wrong by sending home your guests with a little party bag. These Halloween jokes for kids make great additions to the usual party bag items, such as small toys and sweets. 

Printable Kids Lunch Box Jokes

Including jokes for kids in their lunch boxes is such a sweet way to brighten up your child’s day. School can be really draining for kids, no matter what age or year they’re in. Let them know that you’re thinking about them and that you appreciate the effort that they put into their studies by popping one of these printable Halloween jokes for kids in with their lunch. 

Best Halloween Jokes For Kids – Free Download

Ready to start injecting some fun and spooky jokes into your kids’ lives? Here’s how to get your hands on the best Halloween jokes for kids.

To download these jokes, simply click on the link below to download your PDF file. From there, select your chosen method of printing and use scissors to cut each joke out. If you’d rather download a JPG that you can print, simply right-click on the below image, view it in full size, and save and print. 


The image and PDF files are A4 in size, so you shouldn’t have any issues printing these Halloween jokes for kids at home! If you do have any issues, please feel free to let me know via Twitter or Instagram and I’ll do my best to sort the issue for you! 

Check out more kid’s printables here.

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