DIY 3-in-1 Halloween Party Game at
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DIY 3-in-1 Halloween Party Game

Halloween on a budget can be pretty tricky. It’s true that pretty much all your basic Halloween party tat can be bought in pound shops, so that is pretty handy. However I do find that even then, a basket full of little squishy eyeballs and spiders still adds up!

As I am forever on a budget and keeping an eye on my money, I find that I’m always trying to seek out the cheapest way to have the most amount of fun possible. I had to have a little think about how to keep Luke occupied cheaply this Halloween.

As half term is the week before Halloween, it gave us plenty of opportunity to get a bit crafty and come up with our own, super cheap, Halloween party games.

3-in-1 Halloween Party Game Craft

DIY 3-in-1 Halloween Party Game at

This 3-in-1 party game cost us absolutely nothing as we already had everything in our craft box. However, I have linked a few supplies if you’re looking to top up your craft box for this game. These are affiliate links, so if you purchase through my link, I get a small amount of money from Amazon.

DIY Halloween Tin Can Alley Game

The first way to play the 3-in-1 Halloween party game is the classic tin can alley game!

I’ve made this game using 6 ghosts, but if you have older children, or fancy more of a challenge, you can add 4 more ghosts so that you have 10 in total.

Stack the ghosts up and find something to use as a marker so your players know where they need to stand. Sit or stand and throw the ping pong ball – the aim is to knock down all the ghosts!

DIY 3-in-1 Halloween Party Game at

DIY Keep Your Eye On The Ball Halloween Game

This is great for younger children, but not much of a challenge for the older ones. Make sure the players are sat down opposite each other so the person playing can’t see down the top of the tubes.

On a table or hard surface, pop your ping pong ball into one of the ghost tubes and carefully muddle the order of the tubes up. The player has to try and keep an eye on the ghost that has the ping pong ball inside. If you guess correctly, you win!

DIY 3-in-1 Halloween Party Game at

DIY Halloween Bowling Game

Pop your ghosts down on the floor in a triangle formation. If you want to make it more challenging, make some more ghosts to act as more ‘pins’.

Set down a marker on the floor so the players know where to stand. Roll the ball along the floor and try to knock down all the ghost pins.

How to make all of these Halloween games

I’m sure that your children will come up with even more possibilities to play with this 3-in-1 game. Luke started playing with the ghost like they were puppets and set up his own little Halloween story which was very cute to watch.

DIY 3-in-1 Halloween Party Game at

You Will Need

To make the 3-in-1 ghost Halloween party game, you will need the following:

How To Make The Halloween Game

This Halloween game is really easy to make and, more importantly, it’s fun and a little bit messy.

  • Firstly, make sure you put a messy mat or some newspaper down because this craft does get a little messy.
  • Secondly, you need to paint your toilet roll tubes with white paint. Some paints might need a second layer to make sure they’re nice and bold. I used a hair dryer to help speed up the process between the first and second layers of paint.
  • When all the tubes are dry, draw on some spooky ghost faces with the black felt tip pen.

DIY 3-in-1 Halloween Party Game at

If you fancy being a bit more crafty, there are loads of possibilities. You could paint some more intricate designs and draw on extra features once the paint has dried. Or you could make monsters, pumpkins, dinosaurs, mummies, or even go with some of the less traditional Halloween options like cute cats, bats or superheroes. You could jazz the tubes up with googly eyes, Halloween themed sequins or even glitter.

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.


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